The EDL Is Not Welcome In Manchester

Apparently the English Defence League Retarded Fascist Thugs are planning some kind of event in Manchester on 10th October. As a Mancunian I would like to speak for my city, we like diversity, we like a multifaceted solidarity, Manchester generally is left wing. So right wing nationalist fanatics using violent misfits (normally masking their personal shortcomings by supporting events where millionaires play a children’s game while they assault each other) to pursue a racist agenda really ought not to bother going all that way just to find out they are very unwelcome. Clairwill has an excellent suggestion inspired by news of the moron roadshow eyeing up Glasgow. The EDL represent a few hundred largely male Islamophobes and racists with a liking for dominance and violence, they concentrate on stories of Muslim extremists to license their own extremism, (together with a misreading of history that would fail the grade for even a Ladybird level). In other words they are what they profess to oppose, they welcome any narrative of other extremism because it gives cover to their own extremism which pre-existed and will always search for rationalisations. Every nation, every culture has chumps like this, it’s ensuring they do not utilise violence or intimidation to enforce their dysfunctional thoughts that is every citizen’s responsibility if we want to live in an open society that values the scintillating breadth of human experience and culture. Manchester has withstood fascist  attacks in the past, they failed to kill my family with their bombs and now what might be thought of as fifth columnists are troubling my fair city with their half-witted notions of ‘Englishness’. I don’t think so.

NB. While EDL fronts are at pains to claim non racism and that they are not fascist, whether it is misdirecting expediency or personal denial, if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a fucking duck!

oc donald as a nazi

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