District Neuf

Look how the Daily Mail (ht2 Lenin) celebrate the violence of the Calais refugee camp being bulldozed. It is weird that the dynamic here is best relayed in fiction Banlieue 13 told how a Sarkozy figure plotted to kill and ethnically cleanse walled in migrant ghettos and the current District 9 puts apartheid in a SciFi context, yet will all the people leaving the cinema realise that in reality the same thing is happening and the likes of the Daily Mail celebrate the oppressor. As the Mail piece notes but avoids comment on most of the refugees are from Iraq and Afghanistan, hmm I wonder if anything, anything might be going on in those countries that might make a person flee for their life, gee I wonder, I must do a Google search and see if there’s been ANYTHING in the news about it…

Check out No Borders Network

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