Chris Hedges- Globalization Goes Bankrupt

The rage of the disposed is fracturing the country, dividing it into camps that are unmoored from the political mainstream. Movements are building on the ends of the political spectrum that have lost faith in the mechanisms of democratic change. You can’t blame them. But unless we on the left move quickly this rage will be captured by a virulent and racist right wing, one that seeks a disturbing proto-fascism.

Every day counts. Every deferral of protest hurts. We should, if we have the time and the ability, make our way to Pittsburgh for the meeting of the G-20 this week rather than do what the power elite is hoping we will do—stay home. Complacency comes at a horrible price.

“The leaders of the G-20 are meeting to try and salvage their power and money after everything that has gone wrong,” said Benedicto Martinez Orozco, co-president of the Mexican Frente Autentico del Trabajo (FAT), who is in Pittsburgh for the protests. “This is what this meeting is about.”

The draconian security measures put in place to silence dissent in Pittsburgh are disproportionate to any actual security concern. They are a response not to a real threat, but to the fear gripping the established centers of power. The power elite grasps, even if we do not, the massive fraud and theft being undertaken to save a criminal class on Wall Street and international speculators of the kinds who were executed in other periods of human history. They know the awful cost this plundering of state treasuries will impose on workers, who will become a permanent underclass. And they also know that once this is clear to the rest of us, rebellion will no longer be a foreign concept.

The delegates to the G-20, the gathering of the world’s wealthiest nations, will consequently be protected by a National Guard combat battalion, recently returned from Iraq. The battalion will shut down the area around the city center, man checkpoints and patrol the streets in combat gear. Pittsburgh has augmented the city’s police force of 1,000 with an additional 3,000 officers. Helicopters have begun to buzz gatherings in city parks, buses driven to Pittsburgh to provide food to protesters have been impounded, activists have been detained, and permits to camp in the city parks have been denied. Web sites belonging to resistance groups have been hacked and trashed, and many groups suspect that they have been infiltrated and that their phones and e-mail accounts are being monitored.

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  1. GDAEman Says:

    For what it’s worth…

    The movement of the “uninformed right wing” is the main topic of two of my recent podcasts:

    Teabaggers & Rise of Uniformed Right Wing:

    The Uninformed Right Wing: Who is Inciting them?

    Chris Hedges will be featured in Episode 19.

  2. RickB Says:

    It is worth a recommendation to subscribe! As is often observed the elite conservatives are always ok to accommodate fascism as its interests do not conflict with theirs enough to cause them any great discomfort, and as with the teabaggers they are mostly incited by the ruling class to protect their privilege, suckers would be a more appropriate term.

  3. Jotman Says:

    “… protected by a National Guard combat battalion, recently returned from Iraq….”

    That’s nuts! It not sensible to use troops for security. They are not trained for this kind of job. “Security theater” is not security.

    Accommodating protesters and providing security are not irreconcilable objectives.

    Doesn’t smell right.

  4. RickB Says:

    It suggests they see protesters in the same category as insurgents, but not new, in the past they used soldiers to attack other soldiers who marched for better pay.

    First you get them desensitised and damaged through training and combat then you turn them loose on domestic dissent. That is assuming the leaders are not democratic or interested in human rights, so it remains to be seen, although largely what the G20 are attempting it would seem is to mitigate neoliberal excess (ie put the burden on future generations to pay/solve) not alter it in an effort to stave off large scale domestic troubles in the immediate term.

    Also how do they square it with-

    It is the first use under Obama of this new security paradigm

  5. Jotman Says:

    According to press reports they will be used “similarly to how they were used at the inauguration” — but I don’t think these events are comparable. No protests had been expected at the inauguration.

    The soldiers I spoke to at the Jan. event were generally completely clueless but pleasant, but for one exception. A soldier stationed near the State Department ordered us — myself and several women — off the sidewalk. He told us to walk on the road instead. What he ordered us to do was somewhat dangerous, as cars were speeding down the street.

  6. RickB Says:

    And it was wrong to use them at the inauguration! It’s a slow creep in to a militarised society which never in history has ever favoured justice or equality. Troops aren’t police (or shouldn’t be) the training and purpose is/should be totally different. Plus these are vets which means damaged people in a pressure situation. The war comes home.

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