Known Torturers, Assassins & Terrorists Flock To Afghanistan

The CIA is deploying teams of spies, analysts and paramilitary operatives to Afghanistan, part of a broad intelligence “surge” that will make its station there among the largest in the agency’s history, U.S. officials say. When complete, the CIA’s presence in the country is expected to rival the size of its massive stations in Iraq and Vietnam at the height of those wars. Precise numbers are classified, but one U.S. official said the agency already has nearly 700 employees in Afghanistan.


3 Responses to “Known Torturers, Assassins & Terrorists Flock To Afghanistan”

  1. GDAEman Says:

    To what end? Probably spying on Karzai among others.

    But, it’ OK, America is “Exceptional”

  2. RickB Says:

    Well it’s how McChrystal likes to roll, dirty wars are his bag. Also as with any deployment it justifies the primacy of military/security funding in the tax settlement.

    Good cover/remake of Rocket Launcher on the podcast!

  3. RickB Says:

    Also it occurs to me for some CIA vets it’ll be familiar from when they built up the mujahideen, in the absence of the cold war, it’s better than nothing for those nostalgic bones.

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