Apartheid Much

During the attack on Gaza the West Bank also saw an increase in attacks on Palestinians, with rules that changed depending on who was present-

Report of the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict
16. Treatment of Palestinians by Israeli security forces in the West Bank, including use of excessive or lethal force during demonstrations

83. Various witnesses and experts informed the Mission of a sharp increase in the use of force by the Israeli security forces against Palestinians in the West Bank from the commencement of the Israeli operations in Gaza (Chapter XIX). A number of protestors were killed by Israeli forces during Palestinian demonstrations, including in support of the Gaza population under attack, following the beginning of the operations, and scores were injured. The level of violence employed in the West Bank during the time of the operation in Gaza, was sustained also after the end of the operation.

84. Of particular concern to the Mission were allegations of the use of unnecessary, lethal force by Israeli security forces, the use of live ammunitions, and the provision in the Israeli armed forces “open fire regulations” of different rules to deal with disturbances where only Palestinians are present, as compared to disturbances where Israelis are present. This raises serious concern with regard to discriminatory policies vis-à-vis Palestinians. Eye-witnesses also reported to the Mission the use of sniper fire in the context of crowd control. Witnesses spoke of the markedly different atmosphere they encountered in the confrontation with the soldiers and border police during demonstrations in which all checks and balances had been removed. Several witnesses told the Mission that during the operation in Gaza, the sense in the West Bank was one of a “free for all”, where anything was permitted.

85. Little if any action is taken by Israeli authorities to investigate, prosecute and punish violence against Palestinians by settlers and members of security forces, including killings, resulting in a situation of impunity. The Mission concludes that Israel has failed to fulfil its obligations to protect the Palestinians from violence by private individuals under both international human rights law and international humanitarian law.


4 Responses to “Apartheid Much”

  1. earwicga Says:

    Will you be doing a seperate post detailing concerns with Palestinian attacks on Israel?

    I realise Israel is the agressor and can see why you have posted this, but it is un-balanced.

  2. RickB Says:

    The report details both, there is no issue of balance as I am pointing out the apartheid nature of the Israeli authorities not the overall history of violence. If you wish to see those compared try this

  3. GDAEman Says:

    On the matter of “balance,” the corporate media coverage of the background and events in the region is SO unbalanced, that it seems a bit unnecessary for alternative advocacy media to attempt to “balance” the narrative.

    Also on the matter of “balance,” it’s my understanding that factions other than Hamas shot rockets into Israel. During the ceasefire, Hamas attempted to control such attacks. Yet all we hear in the MSM is that Israel was retaliating against Hamas rocket attacks… this is a false narrative, even if only as a matter of proportionality, to say nothing of the other factions involved over which Hamas has limited control.

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