Iran- Qods Day

Guardian & Neo-Resistance are tracking events plus the obligatory Twitter of course.

From Naj, whos says-

a wonderful video of greens overwhelming the armageddon-wishing Ahmadinejadist (on the loudspeaker); and defying IRGC’s (yellow flag) ban on carrying “Green” symbols! People’s are chanting “DOWN WITH DICTATOR”

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4 Responses to “Iran- Qods Day”

  1. naj Says:

    C’mon Rick; give it a more picturesque coverage 😉

  2. naj Says:

    You know what is disturbing?

    That Ahmadinejad scheduled his interview with NBC on the eve of these protest; and already the “holocaust denier” who doesn’t give a “clear answer about weaponization” has stolen the western headlines from this MAGNIFICENT (people’s protest) event that unravelled today!

    This creature just lives out of chaos!

    But something tells me the western press is not unhappy with this distraction, which is seasoned by yet another turn and twist in IEAE and Russia stance!

    The more these green protests are shoved into alternative media–which is sadly acting in a displaced position–the less chance of military confrontation with Iran!

  3. RickB Says:

    Yes, he neatly gave the West what it wants, the short arsed chump.

    PS. Don’t you mean the more chance?!?!

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