Anti-Miscegenation Redux Israel Style


The great Israeli blogs Promised Land and Dimi’s Notes report that the Tel Aviv suburb of Petah Tikva has established a patrol unit to break up dates between Palestinians and Jews.

“A special team in the youth department of the Petah Tikva municipality will locate [Jewish – DR] girls in the habit of meeting with men from minorities and will assist them.”


2 Responses to “Anti-Miscegenation Redux Israel Style”

  1. Dave Semple Says:

    Bugger me with a pitchfork. There’s really not much that can be said to that.

  2. RickB Says:

    Hello Dave, yes it is a gobsmacker, ‘the only democracy’ in the ME
    gets down with morals policing with an apartheid flavour.
    (Have to check what the rules are for buggery with a pitch fork, whatever the ethnicity I would advise a great deal of caution, lubricant and handle first!)

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