Commenting on HarpyMarx Will Get You Fired!

Mark Anthony France has been sacked by the DWP for…well being an engaged citizen in a democracy, one reason given was he commented on Harpymarx’s site, watch and hear the hilarious slight sneer as the BBC reporter says the name. It is notable the criminal activities of a Tory MP do not get her sacked but pointing them out does get a worker sacked, hmmm.

Mark who works at Bromsgrove Job Centre [as a Grade B Admin Officer earning £14,700 a year] organised the petition that called on Julie Kirkbride MP to resign immediately [ Julie is reported to have had an income of £266,000 last year]

More @ Harpy.

2 Responses to “Commenting on HarpyMarx Will Get You Fired!”

  1. otto Says:

    It’s probably for the best, deary.

    Those plum vocals just don’t match with snarkyblogsite names, do they?

  2. RickB Says:

    I also wonder that it sounds so alien from her, she has never heard of Harpo Marx so doesn’t even get the pun.

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