And For Those Who Get Skittish At The Mention of Class War

Executives at Britain’s top companies saw their basic salaries leap 10% last year, despite the onset of the worst global recession in decades, in which their companies lost almost a third of their value amid a record decline in the FTSE.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown is to admit for the first time that spending cuts will be needed, the BBC understands. BBC political editor Nick Robinson said Mr Brown would make his most explicit comments yet on spending choices in a speech to union leaders on Tuesday.


5 Responses to “And For Those Who Get Skittish At The Mention of Class War”

  1. earwicga Says:

    D’you know what – fuck Brown and his merry bunch of shit. We all know he will do exactly what the Tories do – while still saying bad Tories, we are better. Bollocks!

    New Labour;Shower of Shit had an opportunity to make changes to our shitty system but all they’ve done is prop up the banks and talk propaganda.

    Wtf does all this shit mean?
    “into a full recovery we will invest and grow within sustainable public finances – cutting costs where we can, ensuring efficiency where it’s needed, agreeing realistic public sector pay settlements throughout, selling off the unproductive assets we don’t need to pay for the services we do need”.

    Why wouldn’t the government be providing sustainability anyway and ensuring efficiency – that is what most households do! What are these unproductive assets that we don’t need? Why would anybody buy such a thing? Bet he is talking about the despised welfare reciepients – who is he gonna sell us to now?

    “protect and improve your front line services” I very much doubt that what I consider to be essential front line services are the same as this Shower of Shit.

    And what the fuck does cutting bonuses etc. do for me and my family – the difference will go to shareholders, which sure isn’t me!

    And as for the wittering on about tax havens – how long have they had to make tax fairer? Never gonna happen! And making minimum a living wage – still never gonna happen!

    I look forward to the Tories winning the next election – at least I will be suffering under a Conservative Government, which is to be expected, and not under a Labour Government which is unbelievably wrong.

    I have always voted Labour, but not again.

  2. RickB Says:

    Also that might well make it as comment of the week! Still everything to play for though.

  3. earwicga Says:

    Pilger puts it much better than me, in this article
    which begins in the brutality of Afghanistan and ends like this:

    “New Labour’s causes and effect extend from the one in five young people denied employment, education and hope to the £12m that Blair coins in a year, “advising” the rich and lecturing to them at £157,000 a time. For Blair’s and Brown’s more extreme mentors and courtiers, such as the twice-disgraced Peter Mandelson, this represents the most sought-after achievement of all: the positioning of Labour to the right of the Tories, though it is probably correct to say the two main parties have converged, competing feverishly with each other to threaten cuts in public services in order to pay for the bailing out of the banks and for the drug lords of Kabul. There is no mention of cutting the billions to be spent on replacing Trident nuclear submarines designed for the defunct cold war.

    The game is over. Corporatism and a reinvigorated militarism have finally appropriated parliamentary democracy, a historic shift. For those Afghan villagers blown to pieces in our name, one craven motion at Labour’s conference is too late. At the very least, the party’s “grass roots” might ask themselves why.”

  4. RickB Says:

    The ruling class never liked democracy and now it’s mostly neutered, although we have choice in what we buy so why complain eh?

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