EU Negotiating With Honduran Coup Regime

Caroline Lucas via Socialist Unity

The military coup which took place in Honduras on 28 June this year was 2009’s first such Central American coup. Following the installation of a de facto government, the EU firmly condemned the and made it clear that all negotiations for a preferential trade pact were to be suspended until the return of the ousted President Zelaya.

I was therefore shocked to learn that the COLAT (Committee on Latin America of the EU Council) has now decided to include Honduras in the negotiations on a future Association Agreement. Along with Jean Lambert and fellow members of the Greens/EFA group, I have signed an open letter to the European Council demanding that these negotiations are not resumed.

If the General Affairs Council (GAERC) confirms the COLAT decision, it would send out completely the wrong signal; basically, that we are happy to normalise relations with an antidemocratic military-imposed government, despite the fact that no Latin American country has recognised the Honduras coup administration, with the US also freezing its budgetary and military aid.

Until democratic order under the Honduran Constitution is reinstalled, the Greens want to suspend all economic, political and diplomatic relations with the de facto government of Honduras.

Several international human rights organisations working in Honduras have reported that the human rights situation has deteriorated during recent weeks, with the de facto government refusing to accept any of President Arias’ mediation proposals. If the EU decides to return to the negotiation table with the de facto government under these circumstances, the message is that the EU does not care about human rights and democracy, for the sake of business interests in the region.

You can find your MEP’s here and contact them.

State of Play in Iran

Muhammad Sahimi sums up the present and possible future in Iran (ht2 Naj), the part about the IRGC and the middle class is interesting, I’d like to see something on the working class’s relationship. Speaking of which Mansour Ossanlu, leader of the Union of Workers of the Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company, is still in jail and his health is deteriorating, click here for an Amnesty link to send email to the authorities.

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