Why We’re All Going To Die

Because growth- FTSE 100 closes above 5000 for first time in almost a year !!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!-is still the measure of whether things are going well or not. If this ‘crisis’ didn’t teach us anything then only mass die offs will. Boy, I’m chirpy. Cassandras debate.

Then that weird airport stuff, it’s either that sector grows and we all ration our lives to allow it, or we might *gasp* have stop going on so many totally frivolous flights. I mean really, is getting pished and whoring in -insert name of place where human flesh & dignity is sold cheaper than your locality- for a weekend really essential to life? We globalised the planet and it killed it dead.

But the public is not as stupid as the politicians think. They’ve noticed the disconnect between talk of global ecological disaster and a slight increase in taxes. It’s worrying that the How to Solve Climate Change handbook seems to be empty, except for the phrase “increase taxes” scrawled on every page in the chancellor’s handwriting. Meanwhile the government is doing everything it can to keep us polluting, encouraging airports all over the UK to grow as fast as they can pour the concrete and allowing adverts pushing unnecessary flights to grow alongside every high street.

You can’t discourage flying with one hand and promote it with the other without being rightly labelled a hypocrite. How is the public, up to their eyeballs in loft insulation and recycling boxes, to react to reductions from every other sector because the aviation industry wants extra runways at Heathrow and Stansted? How can you take this government’s claims to be serious about tackling climate change when you can’t leave your house without a billboard inducing you to splash out on a plane ticket? Even Ed Miliband – the person who is supposed to be sorting this mess out – doesn’t see anything wrong with supporting taxes on air travel while declaring that a bigger airport in his constituency would be great for the economy.

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7 Responses to “Why We’re All Going To Die”

  1. RickB Says:

    And I love his 10 commandments to save the planet, life and humanity!

    Thanks, you reminded me of hope.

  2. otto Says:

    This is, of course, why they want to kill him. That and the fact that he’s popular.

  3. Dave Semple Says:

    Frivolous flights. This is the one aspect of the Green movement I simply can’t get on board with (not accusing you, but it sounds remarkably like the sort of thing they’re more self-flagellating members say).

    Which of the many flights taken every day are frivolous?

    You describe the popularly imagined investor’s holiday in Thailand or wherever, but how much of a percentage of global flights does that make up? I don’t know, but I can’t imagine it’s bigger than the number of flights the rest of us take to Spain and the wider Mediterranean on our holidays.

    Are those frivolous too?

    We all work hard; there’s no reason we shouldn’t take advantage of the consumer society. Indeed the whole point of socialism even in the Marxist conception wasn’t that we all live like monks but that goods and services are open to everyone.

    You may say this is killing the planet…well there are ways to prevent that which don’t involve cutting down the amount of air travel – and don’t involve sacrifice by the rest of us. Socialized research into carbon capture, better public transport initiatives and so on. Nationalize the air industry and institute price controls; the profit can be used to fund such ventures.

    But why oh why attack frivolous flights when some people work really hard for a year or two to be able to take those frivolous flights?

  4. RickB Says:

    Hey Dave, I don’t think the flights you describe are the frivolous ones, frivolous means the ones that are not necessary or avoidable, at present there is not incentive for that, in fact the profit motive increases them. One or two holidays a year are not the culprits, throwaway weekend breaks, pointless business meetings, fact finding freebies etc travel by air should be a less casual thing and growth of it not seen as intrinsically a sign of great progress. Hard earned holiday travel is morally better within the context of planetary harm than frivolous jaunts but capital sees no difference, but we must make junk flights less common to allow for the more beneficial and earned ones to still be possible. Travel is a privilege many don’t have, if it is to be curtailed it should not fall on the workers unequally, that will result unless green socialism is the order of the day. The capacity for growth by our planet is not infinite, even though capitalism assumes it is and at present the green wash is to put the blame and burden on us while the privileged get away with their usual scam and the underlying intellectual justification remains unchanged by the obvious evidence it is a bunch of crap because it enshrines that privilege.
    The righty greens who do not combine it with social justice can sod off. The self denial, in our lavish consumer culture, of reduce reuse recycle cannot live beside an elite still living high on the hog.

  5. libhomo Says:

    If high speed rail were expanded, most airplane flights indeed would be frivolous.

  6. RickB Says:

    I wonder- air travel is preferred by capital, rail networks are slow to turn a profit, take huge investment and work better when part publicly owned or fully nationalised. So while practically they would be a solution the forces against rail are formidable, fiscal and ideological (plus they also make travel easier for poorer people, whereas as air is more easily controlled).

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