American Remake

More troops deployed now than the Soviets ever had

Compare the propaganda.

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7 Responses to “American Remake”

  1. GDAEman Says:

    That stat gives a useful perspective.

  2. libhomo Says:

    Talk about an overextended empire.

  3. Rafael Says:

    I think those numbers are wrong. The casualty figures I heard run at around 10k for the whole of the Afghan war from 1979-89.

  4. ralfast Says:

    But the trailer itself looks like something straight out of Hollywood. Expect a similar product to come out circa 2020.

  5. RickB Says:

    Well it’s a movie trailer (and the English VO is terrible!), most accounts I’ve seen put it at 14,000+ (and who knows how many ruined lives for the survivors). It’s one of those recent Russian films like Nightwatch/Daywatch that apes US blockbuster style (although it does have identifiably Russian qualities once you get past the kaboom). And yes like history repeating there will be hollywood films of the noble tragedy of the war blah blah blah (does Iron Man’s Afghans bits count ?? yes that’s corporate film culture, war as a staging for a super hero flick) while never actually taking in the war from the occupied people’s perspective or really questioning the militarism and imperialism and profit behind the ongoing atrocities.

  6. landsker Says:

    Interesting little piece of insight into the military… but wait… no pictures of limbless recruits, screaming in pain after being hit by IED`s… no shots of the women and children killed by airstrikes.
    No statistics about the number of ex-servicemen cowering mindlessly in prisons and mental institutions.
    No details of how the taxpayer has been suckered by the lobbyists to pay for all those airplanes/helicopters and munitions.
    No details of the broken marriages suffered by soldiers and their kin…
    What a society we are, we get ever so concerned about the necessity to print health warnings on cigarrette packs, but not on military recruitment.

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