Is The Obama Administration Victimising A Nobel Peace Prize Winner?

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After Downing Street, by Ann Wright former US diplomat:- Less than a month ago, in late July, 2009, Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire ( was travelling from Dublin, Ireland to Albuquerque, New Mexico to meet Peace Laureate Jody Williams to participate in peace events there. As she arrived at Dulles airport near Washington, DC, from Ireland on July 30, 2009, she passed through the regular immigration line, but then was detained in a special processing area over two hours causing her to miss her connecting flight to Albuquerque.

This is the second time Maguire has been detained by US Immigration in the past three months. On May 14, 2009, she was detained at the Houston, Texas, International Airport as she was returning from a 3 day conference in Guatemala, hosted by four of Nobel Peace Women Laureates. During the detention in Houston, Immigration officers questioned her about her visit in April, 2007, to the Palestinian village of Bil’in where she was injured by a rubber-coated bullet shot by Israeli military forces during a protest at the fence built by the Israelis in the village.

In Houston, Maguire asked the Immigration officials what she could do to prevent future detention and was told to get a 10 year visa to the United States.

She immediately applied and obtained a 10 year visa in early July from US Consul in Belfast, Ireland. She presented that visa to the Dulles Airport Immigration official. Maguire had had an indefinite visa to the U.S. in a previous passport and had never had any problems travelling to or through the United States.

Three months later, when she told the U.S. Immigration Officer at Dulles airport that she was a Nobel Peace Laureate and showed him the documents concerning the Peace Laureate meeting she was attending in New Mexico, the Immigration Officer sarcastically said that detention “is going to happen every time you enter the United States,” and “you should get used to it.”

Maguire has been publicly outspoken and critical about Israeli treatment of Palestinians and has a long history of non-violent acts of civil disobedience against war and against nuclear weapons.

Not only was Maguire hit in 2007 by an Israeli military rubber-coated bullet and tear-gassed while participating in a protest against the construction of the Israeli fence dividing the Palestinian village of Bil’in, on June 30, 2009, the boat that Maguire and nineteen others were on in international waters off Gaza was boarded by Israeli military and all the passengers and crew were put in an Israeli prison for 7 days. Maguire was deported from Israel on July 7, as was fellow passenger, former U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney.

Earlier, in 2004, as a part of her work against nuclear weapons, she travelled to Israel to meet Mordechai Vanunu as he left prison at the end of his 18 year sentence imposed for his revealing Israel’s nuclear program.

Because of her detention by U.S. Immigration on July 30, 2009, Maguire had to stay overnight in Washington, DC, at her own expense, as United Airlines said they were not responsible for her missing her flight. The next day, she ended up on a flight to New Mexico with 3 stops before getting to Albuquerque at 4pm, missing all the day’s events.

Maguire said that the harassment by U.S. Immigration began in 2009, after the change in U.S. Presidential administrations.

I wonder if the Secretary of State might wish to have discussions with the Secretary of Director of Immigration and Citizenship about how to treat Nobel Peace Laureates, unless, because of her outspoken criticism of Israeli policies toward the Palestinians, the treatment Maguire got on July 30, 2009 was exactly what the Obama administration wants her to have.

10 Responses to “Is The Obama Administration Victimising A Nobel Peace Prize Winner?”

  1. libhomo Says:

    Continuity you can believe in….

  2. Jotman Says:

    I’m curious if Mairead Maguire has an easier time getting admitted into Israel.

    The American government seems to operate on the premise that you can gather lots of “intelligence” and then somehow you get satisfactory results by putting it in the hands of field personnel who are trusted or trained to use their own brains. By contrast, I have a feeling the typical Israeli border guard 1) knows the difference between a Nobel Peace Laureate and a terrorist and 2) is authorized to act swiftly on knowledge of that distinction.

    Anyway, it’s a theory.

  3. Jotman Says:

    oops i left out a word in the above:

    then somehow you get satisfactory results by putting it in the hands of field personnel who are NOT trusted or trained to use their own brains.

  4. opit Says:

    But then again, when a guard caustically observes that her treatment is pro forma….I’m inclined to say the evidence bears this out.

  5. Dave Dubya Says:

    Yes, Amerika is still the mighty Right Wing Empire that is threatened by peace, and those who dare to openly advoctate it.

    A corporatist president must be a good company man and not interfere with the military and national security state. Stay the course and look forward.

    • RickB Says:

      I hope this begins as it did here under New Labour the realisation that they 2 big party puppet show is a con game. Although for now there is no alternative, but let’s look forward…

  6. opit Says:

    ‘For now there is no alternative, let’s look forward…’
    Why do I think this is an old song too, I wonder ?
    I started watching a Prison Planet radio show tonight for the first time. You know what’s the worst part ? I was coming to many of the same conclusions : which make an issue of the Rocky Horror Show look tame.

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