Ezra Nawi’s Sentencing Now Scheduled For 21st September

Dear friends and supporters,

Ezra’s sentencing process started this morning (Aug 16′ 2009). Ezra and the “Committee for Ezra Nawi” wish to thank and express our appreciation to all those who testified on his behalf, came to court, wrote letters or signed petitions.

As part of today’s hearing 6 witnesses testified on Ezra’s behalf and dozens of letters written by different concerned Israeli citizens were submitted to the court. Attorney Leah Tzemel also submitted the international letter of support that was signed by over 20,000 people from all over the world. The prosecution on the other hand asked the court to sentence Ezra for a lengthy incarceration. We hope the judge will take into account the amazing admiration and support for Ezra that was shown today in court.

Your love and support are strengthening Ezra during this difficult time and are encouraging him to continue his important activities.

Sentencing will take place on the 21 of September at the Peace Court at 8:30 am. Further information will be sent as the date will approach.

Thank you,

The Committee for Ezra Nawi

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