To Date 10 Killed In Honduras Coup Reuters Describes As ‘Bloodless’

Borev notes

Reuters: “The June 28 coup was bloodless and since then only two protesters have been killed in demonstrations.”

See, bloodless! Of course, this “only two” designation might come as a surprise to the grieving families of teenagerIsis Obed Murillo Mencias, journalist Gabriel Fino Noriega, teachers Roger Abraham Vallejo and Martin Florencio Rivera, construction worker Pedro Magdiel Muñoz Salvador, lesbian activist Vicky Hernandez Castillo, driver Pedro Pablo Hernández, political activists Caso Ramon Garcia and Roger Ivan Bados, and the unidentified dude found dead wearing a pro-Zelaya T-Shirt and buried in a part of town once used as a “clandestine cemetery for extra-judicial executions during the 80’s.”

And ‘killed in demonstrations’ sounds like a tussle ensued and unfortunately injuries led to deaths, whereas ‘shot by paramilitary snipers’ is not so easy to sell. And sell is what many parts of the US establishment are doing with this coup Lanny Davis being the prime example, but not the only one.

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