Friday! The Beat- Tears of a Clown

Entertainment note- Island dwellers! Catch the John Lawson Circus as they tour Anglesey, however luxurious your home cinema may be it cannot be as entertaining and slightly surreal as an evening in the Big Top with actual people balancing on wires and twirling around above you. If we don’t support circuses then eventually you won’t be able to run away to one and that would be a terrible loss of life choices!

Or The ‘English’ Beat as they were known across the puddle.

Vestas Repossessed By Bailiffs

Workers who staged a sit-in protest at a wind turbine blade factory on the Isle of Wight have left the building. Bailiffs entered the offices of Vestas in Newport at 1200 BST after the firm was granted a possession order. One man jumped from a balcony and was taken to hospital as a precaution and two abseiled from a wall.

Workers had occupied an office inside the plant since 20 July in protest at plans to axe 625 jobs, which the firm said was due to a fall in demand. Bailiffs were told they could use “reasonable force” to remove the remaining six workers after a court order was issued on Thursday.

Crowds of supporters lined the site cheering on the men before they were were spoken to by police. They had raised a sign from a balcony outside which said “Vestas, this is only the start, you will lose.” One of the workers told the BBC: “It was all a bit bewildering to get out but a big relief. I hugged my daughter who shed a few tears and saw my family. We feel that we have won a moral victory.”

A rooftop demonstration at a second Vestas site in East Cowes, by climate change protesters, is set to continue for “as long” as the workers want it to, a spokesman said.

The fight goes on meanwhile…fucking bailiffs, the thugs of capital, collaborators, cowards and betrayers, as usual.

Known Criminal Grooming Children

Many people are discomfited by the thought of Tony Blair’s Faith Foundation working in schools. It smacks of religious propaganda, and is tied to the name of a prime minister remembered for leading the country into a bloody and controversial war.

Even some of those in the Foundation’s unlabelled offices (“we have to be careful about security”) near the American Embassy in London admit privately that the name can be a hindrance, giving people the wrong idea about what they are doing. They emphasise repeatedly that, although Tony Blair is a Catholic convert, the Foundation’s aim is to bring young people “of every faith, and of none” together to generate tolerance and understanding.

Oh Anthony, not only are they so aware of your enduring unpopularity the offices are ‘unlabelled‘, but they are near the US embassy, poodle to the last.

And to top it all, he is grooming kids in the hope they won’t be aware of his reputation and…well he’s a catholic now, so is he starting to have nightmares about the fiery eternity that awaits him?