Lubna Hussein Fights Militarism & Fundamentalism

While the usual suspects might be using this case to advance their pro war anti Muslim agenda (will they mention her support for the rights of Palestinians? Possibly not nb.-a different Lubna Hussein?-) the truth is Lubna Hussein is fighting a military government that uses fundamentalism to maintain its authority. That there is never a shortage of misogynist retards in any society willing to help out with repression (often licensed by something they call ‘god’?!?!?…nah me either) is not a surprise nor is it a special quality unique to Sudan (ask Boris why he does not fulfil his campaign promise to properly fund Rape Crisis centres, or US rightists why they don’t think abortion should be covered by healthcare). The regime is repressing dissent with tear gas and further arrests. Lubna Hussein has chosen to risk far more severe punishment in order to fight an unjust law, a fight the regime wants to avoid because it likes the power such laws give them but like all bullies only like to apply it on the less powerful less visible, so with it becoming a cause célèbre their hypocrisy and cowardice are being revealed. So support Lubna Hussein!

Petition to Eliminate Article 152 of the Sudanese Criminal Code– This article is what the Public Order Police (PoP) in Sudan uses to harass women about their dress code. Article 152 has been implemented in Sudan since 1991. It stipulates that any conduct or clothes in violation of public decency should be punished with 40 lashes or a bail or both.

Thirteen women were arrested on July 3, 2009 in Khartoum under article 152 of the criminal code. The 13 women in question were arrested because they wearing trousers. They have been sentenced to 10 lashes and a bail of $100. Three of the women including a well-known journalist-Lubna Hussien- refused the punishment and asked for a lawyer and a court case. The first court hearing was on July 29. Lubna and the other three women were granted a presidential pardon, which the women refused. They have instead challenged the judge to eliminate article 152 of the criminal code.

Article 152, implemented in Sudan since 1991, stipulates that any conduct or clothing in violation of public decency should be punished with 40 lashes. However the article is vague on what constitutes indecent clothing and stands against the country’s Interim National Constitution that came in place after the Comprehensive Peace Agreement signed in 2005. However, it is still being used to harass women in the streets of Khartoum and around Sudan.

Harassment of women by POP is very common in Sudan, but yet extremely under-reported. PoP are often abusive. Many women lack knowledge of their rights, fear social stigma and therefore do not resist the consequences of going to a police station, having a criminal charge against them and signing a paper that says that they will not repeat the offence. In addition, the bail of $100 is a load that the vulnerable and poorest women cannot pay easily.

We need your support. Please sign this petition to support women’s rights in Sudan.


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  1. earwicga Says:

    Lubna Hussein also has a Facebook page with updates (and male praise for the hijab!) on:

  2. Tchoi Says:

    i think women wearing trousers are not indecent dressings.

    Actually, this could let the women walk more conveniently.

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