Ian Tomlinson- IPCC Pass Their Investigation Onto The CPS

As the family of Ian Tomlinson say, let a jury decide, the CPS should bring charges against the officer shown on video attacking him. Or will it be business as usual?

The IPCC did not launch its criminal inquiry until six days after Tomlinson’s death, when the Guardian gave the watchdog a dossier of evidence, including video footage and witness statements, that contradicted the police version of events. Before then, City of London police were allowed to run the inquiry with some supervision from IPCC investigators. After watching the video of the attack, a senior City of London investigator told the family Tomlinson’s assailant could be a member of the public “dressed in police uniform”. The IPCC is still conducting a second inquiry into whether the Met and City of London police misled the public over his death.

(ht2 Harpymarx)

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