Patriotism, War Criminal’s Fan Club

Immigrants who take part in protests against British troops could be denied citizenship of this country under controversial new Home Office rules. The Home Secretary, Alan Johnson, will launch a consultation tomorrow on a new points-based system for would-be migrants according to their behaviour, as well as skills and qualifications. Mr Johnson, writing in the News of the World, said: “Bad behaviour will be penalised, and only those with enough points will earn the right to a British passport.”

While he did not explicitly point to those who take part in anti-war demonstrations, the newspaper reported that this would be included in examples of “bad behaviour”. But there was confusion over the policy last night, as the Home Office appeared to backtrack on whether protesters would be penalised. An aide to Mr Johnson said the Home Office was consulting on what constituted bad behaviour, but refused to comment on the issue of protesters.

4 Responses to “Patriotism, War Criminal’s Fan Club”

  1. earwicga Says:

    Alan Johnson commenting on planned racism in the News of the World – the lowest common denominator of media. How low will they go to get voted back in come election time? New Labour; Shower of Shit

  2. wyamarus Says:

    I suppose that peaceful dissent is not one of the rights that they wish to inculcate in recent immigrants.

    Looks like Britain is in a neck-to-neck race down the shit shut-chute with the US. Don’t people have any respect for the 3000 years +of hard won rights in so-called Common Law?

  3. wyamarus Says:

    sorry…typo there that got away when I hit the enter key by mistake. I’m Sure you’re all bright enough to decipher my intent with ‘….down the shit-chute with the US.”

  4. RickB Says:

    Given the reality of our position it’s basically a political test of whether you agree with US foreign policy supported by UK warfare. Almost McCarthyite.

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