Instant Show Trials

From Naj

The parliament was not informed of this trial. Even the accused were not aware of this; their families and lawyers were unaware, although they were not even given a chance to seek counsel regarding their charges. This is a rare display that can only find parallel in the forgotten medival times, and after the June Coup d’etat of 2009. (22Khorda, 1388). [I have to add something similar to this happened in 1987; which led to the rift between Khomeini and Montazri, as the latter protested the diversions from both Islamic and the constitutional law when hundreds of leftist political prisoners were executed without trial]

What occurred to me is this is an entrenched power bloc defending its position, and is supporting it a bit like defending Stalin because you liked Lenin?!?! But Naj also wrote something that relates to the dynamic the West’s strategies present-

…I have been silent about MANY things because your American and Zionist leaders were saber rattling at my country; at people of the story who were lashed, who were raped, who stayed to make that country better. I have been silent about the atrocity of the IRI BECAUSE of your atrocious McCains and Clintons, because of your criminal Cheneys and your Netanyahus!

Whatever the professed aim of the Western elite’s its effect is chilling human rights in Iran, now they are not stupid, they know this is the case. So you can deduce there is another agenda which roughly I might characterise as regime change to a submissive US client that does not threaten Israel’s place as regional enforcer. In all of that at no point is there real concern for human rights, for the currently imprisoned and tortured, after all we can see both UK and US attitudes to torture in Binyam Mohammed’s case, they torture, conspire to hide evidence and laughably refuse to stand by their own words from a signed letter read out in court by their lawyers! I wonder is the struggle that emerges in this century is by people against governments who refuse democratic control and are in effect authoritarian management on behalf of capital/corporations, a reality kept in the dark by the media, not least ‘liberal’ media (and I told you Richard Wolffe was a wanker). Which is to say help for Iranians resides in us not our governments, and our struggle must also be to gain control of our own affairs.

Update: Some detail from a Mousavi consultant on the factions involved in the torture, they are letting loose previously arrested violent criminals on political detainees [Parliament News; Azam Veisameh- Alireza Beheshti. He, the son of the martyred Ayatollah Beheshti, is one of the close consultants of Mr Mousavi and has been by his side since his days as prime minister.]-

AV: do you have more details on what happened in Kahrizak?
AB: what we hear is not official but stories of people who are released and their families. The reports indicate that people are gradually moved to this center after detention. Those involved in arrest, interrogation and torture are not of the same ilk! we have information that some of the people involved in interrogation and torture of the detainees have a history of being previously arrested during the execution of “public security task force” as thugs.

AV: you mean thugs who have a record in violation of the “public security”? [there was a task force “Tarhe Amniyate Ejtemaii” to confront robbers, thieves, and gangsters harassing women. Those who have a criminal record under that plan are used to torture detainees… ]
AB: They used them in protests, in arrests and in detention centers …

AV: do you have concrete evidence on people who are exercizing violence on detainees?
AB: other than the profiled thugs who are now hired, some of these are official in the government. Some belong to Basij. Some are the Plain Clothes who cannot be considered part of Basij. Some belong to The Guards intelligence; and different groups. This is important for people and media to recognize this is not the entire government who is involved in this; rather it is a segment of the government that acts in this way both internally and externally. Not all of the Basij is involved. They may even be critical of this. Same holds for the Revolutionary Gaurd. It’s a specific segment of the guard that is involved while the majority are unhappy and criticize the current situation.The minister of Intelligence is not very involved. The whole ministry has been kept out. The attorney general enters the game in a later stage. The security forces were involved at the beginning but their roles have been cut back. Truth is, when we know our victims are arrested by the intelligence service or by the security forces we are happier because we know their case is handled in a more or less legal channel. But those who are in the hands of these others are worrisome. We cannot follow up or know where they are


5 Responses to “Instant Show Trials”

  1. naj Says:

    rick look at Behesti’s interview … chilling …

  2. RickB Says:

    Reminds me of many stories in various countries where a similar things are done to prisoners of conscience, it also provides some deniability, the authorities shrug when people turn up raped, tortured, dead.
    (There was a notorious case here where prison officers would put minority prisoners in with white violent racists and bet on the result, Irish republicans too were put into populations that were encouraged to abuse them.)

  3. Dave Dubya Says:

    The Iranian freedom fighters are doing what we already need to do in the US. I think Americans are less informed and less passionate about the struggle for liberty and democracy.

    If we won’t be our own freedom fighters, no one will do it for us.

    • earwicga Says:

      Exactly the same with Feminism, Dave. Western women have forgotten and been misinformed for the reasons for the movement and are too lazy to continue the struggle. We now have to learn from women such as Malalai Joya what it was we used to do.

  4. RickB Says:

    I think in lots of ways other nationalities are showing us how weak our democracies are in the face of an apathetic mass manipulated by corporations.

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