Friday! The Cure- Boys Don’t Cry

Goff! Could post GerBillions of Cure songs but this one worked with the poster below which I liked, it’s Friday, relax everybody.

From CrimethInc. (ht2 Earwicga)

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  1. otto Says:

    What’s an E-Z-Bake oven? Have I been away too long?

    for the record, Friday I’m In Love is not only the best Cure song, it’s one of the best ever songs anywhere ever like.

  2. RickB Says:

    An American toy (and was in the UK a bit) plastic oven heated by a light bulb (I think) typical girls toy hence it’s gender symbolism

    Now obviously Friday I’m In Love is so fitting it’s frightening, so I had to take a less travelled route. I did try and think of my fave Cure songs, got it down to around …some, so in addition to the aforementioned…

    shake dog shake
    100 years
    Same deep water as you
    In between days
    all cats are grey
    the kiss
    From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
    the forest (huge long live versions that go on for days)
    fascination street
    Charlotte sometimes
    10.15 on a Saturday night
    a strange day
    close to me (& remix)
    like cockatoos
    letter to elise

  3. RickB Says:

    And Lovecats!

  4. otto Says:

    This could take all night really, couldn’t it?

  5. RickB Says:

    A night like this?

  6. libhomo Says:

    That graphic on gender conformity is quite profound.

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