Honduras Coup (and the General & the Christian Fundamentalists)

I learned at Al Giordano’s The Field that Honduran coup General Romeo Vásquez Velásquez (two-time graduate of SOA/WHINSEC) is the special guest of the Miami Covenant Church at a special convention (at Miami convention centre) titled- The Kingdom Government in Miami, in association with IV Congress MIGA partners, July 22-25.

Erin Rosa– MIGA in Spanish iniatials stands for Ardent Glory Intercontinental Ministry, founded in 1995 by Jaime Chavez, who bills himeslef as the “spiritual counselor” to the Honduran Armed Forces and General Romeo personally.

Here’s the promo vid, Romeo appears at the 19 second mark-

And here’s the poster with him  in his military uniform (second row, at left)-

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So what is this Christianist Kingdom government stuff, well it is how it sounds, it’s theocracy, rule by fundies- government according to God’s Law (and of course it has its white supremacist offshoot). So another example of Christianists chumming up with the military to impose their rule. If the general appeared at the loony fest it would mean the US allowed him entry and did not arrest him….It might not be Obama’s coup but it is looking to be Washington’s coup. More at this DK diary, hopefully someone can confirm whether he was in Miami or not. Also via a comment there-

Truthout– On July 9, US Ambassador Hugo Llorens in Tegucigalpa told an emergency School of the Americas (SOA) Watch delegation that the US had suspended military aid to Honduras as of the moment that Micheletti swore himself in as president. However, three members of the delegation had stopped by the Palmerola military base where over 500 US soldiers are based and “witnessed an apparently normal buzz of activities, including helicopter flights and interchange of Honduran and US soldiers.” The delegation spoke with a US official on duty at the base who told them that nothing had changed since the coup.

About that base, because of air safety issues with the civilian airport Zelaya wanted to use the US base as a civil airport-

Throwing fuel on the fire Assistant Secretary of State John Negroponte, a former U.S. ambassador to Honduras, said that Honduras could not transform Palmerola into a civilian airport “from one day to the next.” In Tegucigalpa, Negroponte met with Zelaya to discuss Palmerola. Speaking later on Honduran radio the U.S. diplomat said that before Zelaya could embark on his plans for Palmerola the airport would have to receive international certification for new incoming flights. According to Spanish news agency EFE Negroponte also took advantage of his Tegucigalpa trip to sit down and meet with the President of the Honduran Parliament and future coup leader Roberto Micheletti

Oh yes Negroponte! Chavez said Obama was a prisoner of empire, is it not time a President asserts his authority and stops those in Washington from fomenting coups if he is really against such activity?

However the people of Honduras are perhaps not going to to so easily misruled-

Al Giordano:- There is a three-ring circus distracting the global media from the authentic struggle – the one waged by the Honduran people, from below – and today none of the ringmasters dressed themselves in glory.

In ring one, we had Coup “president” Roberto Micheletti, who blinked when his troops did not arrest President Manuel Zelaya, who set foot on his country’s soil today at the border crossing – Los Manos – where we suggested he would yesterday.

In ring two, we had Zelaya, who himself blinked – inexplicably, from this community organizer’s lens, objectively viewed, a setback for his cause and his people – by not continuing his walk toward Tegucigalpa after the coup regime blinked. A few more steps forward and he would have either called the regime’s bluff, and continued marching, or he would have ended up in prison, inspiring the people to go the extra yardage necessary to topple the coup.

And in ring three, we had US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who claimed that Zelaya’s actions today were “reckless.” Today Clinton proved, once and for all, that she is not competent to do the job of foreign minister. What an asshole. It is Clinton who demonstrated that she is reckless about democracy. The actions she called “reckless” were those of a Honduran citizen and elected president doing no more than trying to rejoin his own feet with his own land. What makes her behavior today so obviously inept and deserving of eternal contempt is that she used such strong words to criticize a guy who, when push came to shove, did exactly what she had recommended, when Zelaya backed down. The only reckless thing he did was shrink from putting the next foot in front of the other.

Obscured from view by the circus: the mobilizations of an increasingly organized Honduran people. Today’s saga underscores that, in the end, the outcome is up to them, and from this pen we will redouble our efforts to make sure that their courage and sacrifice do not go unseen or unheard.

And he also reports the latest revelations on Radio Globo, is the coup unravelling?

Earwicga has a statement from Central America Women’s Network (CAWN), excerpt-

Honduran women’s organisations and individual women from rural and urban areas have come together to resist and protest peacefully in response to the coup and the events that followed. On 29 June they released a public statement calling for the return of the rule of law and respect for human rights by peaceful means, and they have not stopped their communications, despite frequent power cuts. The mainstream news channels are strictly controlled, so their reports provide crucial information by their immediacy and by giving a voice to ordinary people, especially women.


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