Friday! Psychoville- Murder Mystery Evening

I’ve been catching this on the Beeb’s iPlayer (sorry rest of the world), saves having to do that teevee shit.

Shock Doctrine

Nice they admit they are just trouble-shooters for the financiers though…

David Cameron may be forced to stage a rapid post-election budget to calm the markets and prevent a drop in Britain’s credit rating in the first days of a Tory government, Philip Hammond, the shadow Treasury chief secretary, warns in a Guardian interview today.

Anticipating an era of deep short-term cuts in public spending, Hammond urges voters to give the Conservatives a big majority so a new government can act boldly to cut the public debt, warning that the public finances are in such a state “the worst outcome for Britain would be an unclear political result at the election”.

Hammond, destined to be the man to rein in public spending if the Tories gain power, also concedes he is “likely to become a great figure to pin up on the dartboard, and throw darts at. I am sure there will be short-term pain and brickbats.”

But he argues: “It is absolutely not the case that people in the public services are dreading this, or saying ‘oh my God, what is going to happen?’ ” He claims civil servants are preparing to make cuts without waiting for instructions from on high. “There is a sense of liberation that we are going to empower public sector professionals to undertake the reform.”

Setting out Tory ideas, Hammond discloses there will have to be a budget either soon after a spring election, or in the autumn, so the Conservatives can start to rein in public spending next year.

He warns that Britain’s credit-worthiness could be downgraded, pushing the economy into crisis. Such a move, which has been threatened by the international credit rating agency Standard and Poor’s, would make it much more expensive to pay back the national debt, which this week reached a record £799bn.

Some Things Worth Knowing

From Inca Kola News

“I was watching the helicopter….I saw it…I was scared…the bullet hit me here…when it came there was nothing…that’s what it seemed like…there was nothing….it came like this….it hit me here…..there was a lot of blood….some of my blood was on a woman…a bit of my blood was on her….I’m scared that they fired…I don’t want them to shoot at me…because I don’t want to suffer….for my mother…”

-seven year old Leidi Luz, Bagua, Peru.

Richard Murphy skewers The Nudge for the drivel it is-

That though is ultimately the flaw in the logic of Thaler & Sunstein’s ‘Nudge’ thesis. They call it ‘libertarian paternalism’. I’ll agree with the latter. The former is pure pretence. It is about providing the illusion of choice when the reality is that either none is available, or it is incredibly constrained, or in fact (as fashion evidences day in, day out) the desire to make ‘choice’ is actually all about the need to conform under a veneer of difference.

What Israel’s use of the Mufti Hitler photo really reveals

A number of present-day political parties found inspiration of one sort or another in the Nazis, including India’s Hindu nationalist BJP party. The party that’s the present-day BJP sent missions to Germany thru the 1930s. Yet it’s the BJP that tightened relations with Israel in 2003, when Ariel Sharon visited Delhi.

Israeli embassies may also wish to slip in info about Pierre Gemayel, a personal guest of Hitler in 1936 who, inspired, then founded the Lebanese Phalange. But that might now be so good either…. Israel aligned itself with the Phalange during its invasion of Lebanon, and in 1982 inserted Pierre’s son, Bashir, as Israel’s hand-picked president!

I suppose the BJP and the Gemayels (not to mention Anwar Sadat who thought the Nazis were cool) are forgiven for their Nazi past because of alliances with Israel (and “anti-terror” rhetoric), while Palestinians as a population get demonized because they resist dispossession. So what’s Israel really concerned about–what happened in WWII, or maintaining domination over the land? We can see it’s the latter.

Craig Murray fought a valiant battle against the big three parties and the media that continue to present them as the only choice (Nudge nudge)-

…it is worth noting that the Conservatives are celebrating wildly losing 2,000 of the votes they had at the General Election. It was great to see the New Labour betrayers getting almost totally deserted by their followers, and instructive that the LiBDems also lost a third of their vote.

The real lesson is that the total vote for the three “Main parties” fell from 42,000 votes at the general election to 23,000 now, with each of them shedding votes. That is a profound statistic. The political landscape is indeed shifting sharply, even if my own efforts to affect it were rubbish. Tory braying is futile and shallow.

In this “great victory”, 18% of the electorate voted for them. I know form doostep experience that many of those who stayed at home were not merely apathetic, but actively hostile.

And Vestas, the fight continues, via SU!


Create Green Jobs – Don’t destroy them
Support the Vestas Occupation
Solidarity protest at Vestas UK HQ in Warrington
Saturday 25th July @ 12 noon
Vestas Celtic UK HQ
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