Thanks For Dying

More British and American troops will die in Afghanistan, but the war against the Taliban is in the national interests of both countries, the US vice-president, Joe Biden, said today.

Biden refused to be drawn into the row over resources – particularly helicopters – for British forces, but he praised British soldiers.”I think they are among the best trained and the bravest warriors in the world,” he said.

“This is the place from which the attacks of 9/11 and all those attacks in Europe that came from al-Qaida have flowed – between Afghanistan and Pakistan … It is a place that, if it doesn’t get straightened out, will continue to wreak havoc on Europe and the United States.”

Wow, were some of Bush’s speeches left over, after all we know he likes to recycle other politician’s work. But hey Afghans, thanks for being killed, it’s all for our benefit, our ‘security’ etched in your blood (or whatever excuse this week is). Oh wait he didn’t mean that, he meant the troops, who volunteered (well other than stop loss) and are paid to kill you, such compassion.

Afghan’s deaths are the means for our warriors to be heroes, how’s that for being a useful cypher, c’mon you didn’t think you’d be treated like humans did you? And you get that, the controversy here is we haven’t given our killers enough means to kill you. Marvel at our sophisticated Western civilisation!

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