Vote Conservative, Vote for Rape!

Boris Johnson was ambushed by female protesters who barracked him over his failure to “keep his promise” over the funding of four rape crisis centres across London, a video posted on YouTube reveals today.

Yet BBC soap Eastenders is going to help with this chumps public image-

Mayor of London Boris Johnson is to make a guest appearance on the BBC soap EastEnders later this year.

The deceit in not providing funds also demonstrates the lies Conservatives and neoliberals engage in during electoral sales pitches when they claim to be able to spend more by making ‘efficiencies’ and keeping tax low non-existent for the wealthy (sorry ‘wealth creation policies’). They are all just lies to hide their actual plans- cut public spending and help the rich get richer, and in this particular case make it easier for rapists to operate while their victims are silenced.

Johnson has criticised the paucity of services for women in the capital experiencing sexual violence and used his mayoral campaign to promise £744,000 annually to fund both the only rape crisis centre in the capital, situated in Croydon, south London, and establish a further three centres across the Greater London area to cater to the needs of the capital’s female population, which numbers 3.9 million. Though Johnson had envisaged securing this level of funding by cutting the media and marketing team he inherited from Ken Livingstone by 20%, he prompted widespread criticism last autumn by putting forward just £220,000 – around a third of the promised money. Johnson, who launched a strategy on tackling violence against women in April, subsequently pledged a further £700,000 from efficiencies to boost the money available to £1.4m over three years – equivalent to around £450,000 a year – but critics say this is still short of the £2.2m originally promised. The number of reported rapes in the capital shot up by 14.5% last year and domestic violence incidents rose by 4.4%. Yet only an estimated 10% of women who have been raped or sexually assaulted report it to the police and only 6% of all rape cases end in a conviction.

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22 Responses to “Vote Conservative, Vote for Rape!”

  1. Ipswich Unemployed Action Says:

    OK, we are in a recession, however, the full figure promised was then, now, or in the future when the money is required the original £744,000 annual figure will be more like £1 million.

    Put it into prospective, for just 20p a year per woman in the capital there will be a framework of support should something dreadful like that happen.

    I can’t see any female moaning about an insurance policy (if you like) of 1.6p per month for a safety net just in case. in fact, if I lived in London I would be happy to personally contribute 3 times that per month.

    Or put it another way, for a very small fraction of what the taxpayer in London pays for the police… when you think of the expenditure for liasion officers… this is probably a cheaper but MORE EFFECTIVE solution!!

    Now what Londoners voted that idiot?!

    • RickB Says:

      Hey Ipswich Unemployed Action, nice to see you. Well I am now afraid your suggestion of insurance is how this will be done- insure your peace of mind should you be raped, contact Aviva Now! Get the premium Platinum Rape Plus coverage and receive a free foot spa today!
      Ticks all the privatisation & funding cutting agendas of neoliberals and hey, it’s all about choice!

  2. earwicga Says:

    It won’t be a framework – 4 Rape Crisis Centres for London will provide a very basic and undefunded skeleton service. But then, there is 1 centre in Wales which is faced with closure due to lack of funding. Basic attack on all women by NL shower of shit!

  3. earwicga Says:

    Interesting post with a particularly good comment from Jennifer Drew (along with all the normal rubbish comments typical on any mention of rape).

  4. RickB Says:

    I am reeling from Sheila G’s misandry though!

    • earwicga Says:

      It’s hardly surprising is it?

      • RickB Says:

        I wouldn’t want to make such assumptions.

        • earwicga Says:

          Well, look at the figures on rape and domestic violence. to start with. Look at how women are treated around the world by their governments and their menfolk. Sheila G isn’t demonstrating misandry, but practical thinking.

        • Ipswich Unemployed Action Says:

          earwicga… wake up and notice that women make up part of the Governments around the world AND women have the vote in most places of the world …therefore, by voting they have chosen the specific individuals of the Governments to act as they do.

          You can’t assume that every man out there endorses rape, commits it or doesn’t care about the women involved with it.

          You need to stop resolving rapists in to men… men implies all males, rapists implies those who committed the offense. Rape is extremely high in this country so with a lot of violent crime HOWEVER rapists make up a very small minority of men – interchanging terms it incorrect, sexist and is halting the campaign many other women (and men) have been working hard for.

          Take that Con man (Boris)… women voted him in (as well as men) and the way to encourage him keeping his promise is to use the word “men” unfairly, therefore, I think as a man himself… or should I say male… the sexism is alienating him.

          You have to realise that rapists may all be male.. but most males aren’t rapists. When you look at statistics of rape its shocking (rapists and rapes) when you look at it as most rapists reoffend and out of the entire male population and the very low percentage, the problem doesn’t appear as bad as looking at the pervious figure.

          This isn’t solely aimed at you earwicga, but I hope the small percent of campaigners who use this approach take this criticism.

  5. RickB Says:


    • earwicga Says:

      Yes RickB.

      Dan – I can’t be bothered to reply in any detail to you. I hope you are happy in your head with the pixies and the white rabbit.

      • Ipswich Unemployed Action Says:

        A shame you can’t reply in any detail and how its extremely rare that you ever make a positive significant contribution in any of your comments or on your own blog.

        • earwicga Says:

          We have had this same conversation elsewhere and it is pointless to re-hash it. We will never agree – I think you have a very narrow focus when it comes to topics relating to rape – it is a view I have seen in many male comments on various blogs. It is pointless me saying anything to you re this narrow focus as one day you will read enough on the subject and you will have an eureka moment – hopefully soon!!

        • Ipswich Unemployed Action Says:

          earwicga – why is that?

          You are living with the wrong principles – as a man:

          – I can’t have an opinion on crime against women
          – I can’t support any campaign to either prevent or bring justice on crime against women
          – I would have never experienced any form of abuse
          – I would likely at some point of my life commit crime against women because all rapists are men, I am a man, and thus I must do the same
          – I am the devil

          When in fact:

          – I have a human right to think what I want and say my opinion for a discussion (oh a man created the internet and wordpress isn’t a female only site so I have the same right of being on here that you have)
          – if I am not excluded I will support any group that I agree with their aims, prinicples and objectives
          – Statistically many men (either as a man, a child or both) experience abuse too
          – Just because I am the same gender doesn’t mean I would commit the same crimes.
          – I am a nice guy, I am not here to halm anyone

          I am seriously sincerely concerned about whether you have been raped and haven’t had that support due to lack of those centres out there.

          Either way, a) I don’t expect you to trust me, I am a stranger (strangers statistically commit that crime less then those that are known to the victim) but some respect would be appreciated, b) You are perfectly safe reading my comments via the internet in the same way as any man writing comemnts on the internet.

          Now grow up and stop being so sexist.

  6. earwicga Says:

    And I abslolutely have made a positive significant contribution – I’ve renamed New Labour!

    They are now known as New Labour; Shower of Shit – NL;SoS for short.

  7. earwicga Says:

    Thank you for your comments Dan, but please don’t misintrepret what I say again.

    If you go to it may help your understanding a great deal.

  8. RickB Says:

    Ipswich Unemployed Action- I don’t think it is appropriate to speculate on whether someone has been raped, that’s an ad hominem too far.

  9. RickB Says:

    Now now you two don’t make me have to go and get a bucket of cold water.

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