Honduran’s Right To Resist

The United States is now offering support for mediation efforts to be led by Costa Rican president Oscar Arias. The Obama administration tried to discourage the exiled Honduran president from his attempt this past Sunday to return to his country and has apparently succeeded, for the time being, in preventing him from trying again. Clinton pressed this point on Tuesday in pushing for mediation, arguing that it would be a “better route for him to follow than attempt to return in the fact of the intractable opposition of the de facto government.”

Clinton also said, “Instead of another confrontation…let’s try the dialogue process.” What this ignores is that while the coup plotters have no legitimate standing, the Honduran people have a constitutionally guaranteed right to rebel under such circumstances. According to Article 3 of the Honduran constitution:

“No one owes obedience to a government that has usurped power or to those who assume functions or public posts by the force of arms or using means or procedures that rupture or deny what the Constitution and the laws establish. The verified acts by such authorities are null. The people have the right to recur to insurrection in defense of the constitutional order.”

Although I wonder, are constitutions really just there to provide the illusion of democratic governance, real power resides in capital and the willingness and capacity to use violence, from killing to torture, (or to the structural violence of ‘welfare reforms’). In short it is all just window dressing that obscures a better name for Planet Earth might be- Bullyworld.

Here the Hondurans have the constitutional right to stage an insurrection, but absent the means and with the Empire’s -at best- ambivalence, it is all just words. Unless words are enforced with violence they are immaterial for a savage species. Sorry my misanthropy is showing. (ht2 Left Eye on the News)

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