Not Our War, Not in Our Name

Foreign Secretary David Miliband has defended the UK’s continued military presence in Afghanistan, after eight soldiers were killed in 24 hours. Some 184 service personnel have died there since 2001, more than the 179 killed in Iraq. With Britain’s role being called into question, Mr Miliband said UK forces were stopping Afghanistan becoming “a launch pad for attacks” by terrorists. “This is about the future of Britain,” he added.

10% Auto-translation (with apologies to Otto)-
Our military & establishment can’t let go of its colonial and imperial past or conning young people with a weakness for camouflage into serving elite interests, the government can’t disobey Washington and they disrespect the British people enough to peddle these pathetic lies to sell this slaughter. And hey notice no death toll of Afghans, like they fucking matter. I love the smell of white phosphorous in the morning!

Stop the War Coalition calls: Emergency Protest Downing Street Monday 13th July 5-7 pm

Support RAWA (Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan)

Off you Fuck Miliband.

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    Best £23 I have spent this week on memory stick for RAWA. Have a look at their Amazon Wish List!

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    Word! That wins you comment of the week award. More power to RAWA!

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    More to the point:

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