Friday! Mark Hollis- Watershed

Julian Cope on Mark Hollis

‘Watershed’ gives the album some mid-pace, spelling out the classical and jazz directions of the record, though avoiding anything that sounds like a traditional song – Hollis lost in a kind of repetition akin to Wyatt’s bleating on ‘Sea Song’, always coming back to “Should have said so much…Makes it harder…The more you love…” ‘Inside Looking Out’ strips the album back again, extremely sparse piano and a minimal folky guitar, I’m pretty sure I read that Hollis’ started studying certain instruments and classical approaches, evident in this song. ‘Inside Looking Out’s lyrics like the longest song here ‘A Life (1895 – 1915)’ have the least lyrics. There seems to be a Beckettian “Less is more” vibe here, and I’m sure “Fail better” is something Hollis lives by – the records sound that way…


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  1. earwicga Says:

  2. RickB Says:


  3. earwicga Says:

    Giving them right to reply to Mark Hollis.

  4. RickB Says:

    But what of Chip ‘n Dale?

  5. earwicga Says:

    They were eaten by badgers. It happened last week but kiddy fiddler died on the same day so it was very under-reported.

  6. earwicga Says:

    It was this one what done it:

    (I don’t know how to insert a picture)

  7. RickB Says:

    Oh my God Badgers!! That’s an evil looking one for sure.

  8. earwicga Says:

    They all look like that – the pics are always doctored so we don’t get too scared of nature n all.

  9. earwicga Says:

    See, that’s just typical of the sort of thing that badgers do so we don’t know what evil bastards they really are. Did you know Tony Blair is a badger in disguise?

  10. RickB Says:

    It’s all beginning to make sense now, in fact are New Labour all badger body snatchers? And what of Cameron, ultra badgers?

  11. earwicga Says:

    Nope – Cameron makes badgers sick! I’ve intercepted their messages they send by cat.

  12. earwicga Says:

    I’ve just dug the message out and it says Cameron is a puppet of the Polecat Brigade.

  13. otto Says:

    When Thatcher tried to introduce polecats in the 80s there was widespread rioting, so I doubt ameron will ally himself to polecats brigade this time.

    Oh..wait a minute…I think I meant ‘poll tax’…pls ignore.

    • earwicga Says:

      LoL!! The Polecat Brigade have forgotten the ’80’s (except for Adam Ant who they love) and are pleased everyone is in so much more debt and taped even more firmly to the system by the badgers that they are planning to get away with bigger and better scams this time round. This is what the cat told me anyways.

  14. RickB Says:


  15. celticlion Says:

    not quite badgers, but if you have 1O minutes to spare enjoy this one.

  16. earwicga Says:

    I loooooooooooooooooooove the Clangers 🙂

  17. RickB Says:

    Me too, Clangers are wonderful, thanks!

  18. RickB Says:

    Such a shame Earth was not good enough for them, still can’t can’t blame them.

  19. aljaxon Says:

    i agree with most of the comments on here, especially julian copes “hollis lives”
    my 1 year old grandaughter is impressed with both the montreaux live concert and
    we are up to 17-0 and no sign of tiring.
    lo.l all them badgers seem to do is talk talk, talk talk

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