Friday! Mark Hollis- Watershed

Julian Cope on Mark Hollis

‘Watershed’ gives the album some mid-pace, spelling out the classical and jazz directions of the record, though avoiding anything that sounds like a traditional song – Hollis lost in a kind of repetition akin to Wyatt’s bleating on ‘Sea Song’, always coming back to “Should have said so much…Makes it harder…The more you love…” ‘Inside Looking Out’ strips the album back again, extremely sparse piano and a minimal folky guitar, I’m pretty sure I read that Hollis’ started studying certain instruments and classical approaches, evident in this song. ‘Inside Looking Out’s lyrics like the longest song here ‘A Life (1895 – 1915)’ have the least lyrics. There seems to be a Beckettian “Less is more” vibe here, and I’m sure “Fail better” is something Hollis lives by – the records sound that way…

Silencing the Dead

From Naj@ Neo-Resistance

Some of the conditions for funerals set by the government for the families of the innocent victims:

1) the funeral be held in small scale and attended only by family members [in Iran funerals are attended by EVERYONE who knows anyone of the dead’s family]

2) no motos, speeches and signs against the government.

3) the cause of death should not be written on the tombstone.

And here are the names:

  • Mohammad Hossein Barzegar, 25, killed in haft-e-Tir square, 28 Khordad.
  • Seyed Reza Tabatabayee, 30, accountant, killed on Azerbaijan street, 30 khordad.
  • Iman Hashemi, 27, shot in the eye that killed him on Friday 30 Khordad on Azadi street.
  • Parisa Keli (not sure of spelling last name, female) 25, graduate in Literature, shot in the neck on 31 Khordad on Keshavarz boulevard.
  • Mohsen Hadadi, 24, computer software designer, shot in the forehead on Nosrat street, on 30 Khordad.
  • Mohammad Nikzadi, 22, graduate of building engineering, shot in the chest, in Vanak Square, on 26 khordad.
  • Ali Shahedi, 24, after being arrested and transferred to the police station in Tehran Pars district, he was killed on 31 Khordad, and the cause of death was not revealed.
  • Vahed Akbari ,34, married with a 3 years old daughter. Shot in torso, on 30 Khordad on Vanak street.
  • Abolfazl Abdollahi, 21, shot in the back of the head in front of Sharif University on Azadi street, on Khordad 30.
  • Salar Tahmasbi, 27, graduate student in trade management in Rasht university, Shot in the forehead on Saturday Jordad 30 on Jomhoori street! [jomhoori means republic]
  • Fahimeh Salahshoor, 25, female, hit on the head with a baton on Khordad 21, and died of internal bleeding at the hospital.
  • Vahid-Reza Tabatabayee, 29, graduate in English, shot in the head in Baharestan square [in front of the parliament] on 3 Tir.
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    It comes to something when corporations feel so entitled they reject huge wads of government welfare because it isn’t enough-

    Wales’ deputy first minister has questioned the commitment of Anglesey Aluminium’s owners to stay on the island. Anglesey assembly member Ieuan Wyn Jones said he was disappointed the company had not accepted offer of UK and Welsh Assembly Government aid. The firm has rejected financial support of £48m over four years saying it was generous but not enough. The firm has offered 140 staff voluntary redundancy. Cheap power for Anglesey Aluminium has been supplied by the nearby Wylfa nuclear plant for the last 10 years. Talks are continuing to try to strike a new deal for cheap power, which has been supplied by the nearby Wylfa nuclear plant for the last 10 years.

    There are many rumours on the island that surround the cheap electricity deal they have with Wylfa, I hope to get to the bottom of them and give AA a chance to respond but…ungrateful ain’t the half of it if they are true.

    Viva Palestina US

    As the US is the guarantor for Israel’s siege on Gaza, the shield that gives it impunity, this US convoy is an important step forward in awareness. Obama chose not to speak out to defend the Free Gaza boat instead allowing Israeli piracy (apparently only Somalis get whacked by ‘heroic’ snipers for committing piracy, which must leave the survivors of the USS Liberty unimpressed). Also worth noting the resource question in relation to Gaza raises its head, the Captain of the Spirit of Humanity says in an email- “It appears as though the Israeli government is drilling for natural gas in the buffer zone. That gas belongs to the people of Gaza. It seems to be one of their reasons for stopping us, perhaps they’re worried that we may go back and tell the world what we have seen.” British Gas is working with Israel on this project, as usual ideological reasons for warfare are also allied with the motives of capital.

    Viva Palestina US:- Fresh from the success of the Viva Palestina: Lifeline from Britain to Gaza aid convoy – which took over 100 vehicles to Gaza from the UK, Member of Parliament, George Galloway has linked up on his US tour with the Vietnam veteran and peace campaigner, Ron Kovic, to launch a similar, but even larger venture from the States.

    Galloway announced the initiative at a 1000-strong meeting in Anaheim, California, rounding off a packed-out, coast to coast speaking tour highlighting the Palestinian cause.

    “There’s a new atmosphere in the US over Palestine,” says Galloway, “the phenomenal response to this tour demonstrates that.”

    Ron Kovic, whose story was immortalized in Oliver Stone’s Born on the Fourth of July, will be the co-leader of the convoy, which will travel from New York City to Egypt before making its way across the Rafah border into Gaza.

    Viva Palestina USA is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, but individuals and groups from across the nation are organizing locally to generate support for the convoy, which aims to raise $10 million for humanitarian aid and 500 vehicles with which to deliver the aid into Gaza.

    “And what better day to head off,” says Galloway, “Than July 4 – Independence Day!”

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    Swine Flu Silver Lining

    It could be worse, you could be in a backwards nation with no comprehensive health service-

    The fatality rate also appears to be low. In the UK, only three people – all with significant underlying health problems – have died out of 7,447 confirmed cases. Health experts believe more people have caught swine flu but shown no symptoms. In the United States, the official figures show 27,725 Americans have contracted H1N1, with 127 deaths.

    Hmm roughly what, almost a thousand percent higher fatality rate for corporate profits first system? (money- a pretty comon motive for murder I guess).