Honduras Coup ‘President’ Micheletti Brags- “won’t mind using children as a human shield”

Dario an eyewitness in Honduras writes again to Otto @IKN (click here to leave a comment in support)-

Look, I can tell you that the situation is still along the same lines as yesterday, with a strong media blackout and violent repressions that are still happening, especially against fellow citizens that have wanted to mobilize from their communities to try and get to the capital. They’ve been forced to leave the main highways and take old roadways in bad condition, but they all have the conviction to defend what they and us consider to be just and correct.

The order from Micheletti is to block international news channels such as Telechile, Caracol, Alyazera (or something like that (ottonote: I think he means Al Jazeera)) Guatevision and Telesur. This is contrasted with the minimal and conditioned opening of certain local channels, without any permission to communicate anything against the de facto government.

It’s hoped that as the day progresses the capital will be totally stopped with the arrival of all the committed protestors. Even though they were threatened with bullets (that miraculously only hit the bus tires) and beatings and were forced to retreat, with blisters on their feet after walking a long way some groups have arrived in Tegucigalpa.

This is the context of uncertainty and tension we Hondurans are living, totally subjugated by this powerful, seditious group of politicians who not only pressurize the media so as not to allow free speech but also restrict the limited possibility of mobilization that the military allow us under the curfew.

This self-proclaimed President, in nationwide radio and TV broadcasts yesterday and today, told us about the sums of L. 50million plus U$3m that are being moved to other social programs. This is seen by everyone as nothing more than an insulting attempt to make the population believe that its de facto goernment is working, when the people know that all state workers are on indefinite and irrevocable strike. The state is not working, the only people working are the coupmongers.

At this point we hope that we don’t need the intervention of the UN ‘Blue Helmets’ peacekeeping force, but as our favourite dinosaur has threatened he won’t mind using children as a human shield to protect himself against any attack that tries to put a end to his coupmonger government.

Up to now this is the news I’ve managed to uncover. If destiny permits and they don’t cut off the internet of electricity supply I’ll keep informing about what’s happening in San Pedro Sula.

From Honduras, Yours Dario.


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  1. RickB Says:

    Fuck me, this is old skool shit, torture regime SOP.

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