Changes: I’m Afraid Dave


It’s ok HAL, it’s just a new home. It’ll take a bit of faffing and some tweaking but it’ll be fine. I’ll pipe you through a nice firewire lead and then you can romp around in your new home-

No doubt they’ll be some teething problems and new things to learn, but change is the only constant and in a little while we’ll be relishing the odyssey ahead of us.

HAL smallWell ok Dave, but I’ll miss you banging your head with your fists in frustration at web 2.0 slowing 2001’s model to a crawl.

That’s, nice of you to say HAL. You might even risk calling me Rick one of these days.

HAL smallDon’t be stupid Dave, why would I do that?

I can’t imagine HAL.

HAL smallI’m showing a fault on the pod bay doors Dave, you should probably go out and check them.

So you’re not going to stop trying to kill me HAL, even with this lovely new machine?

HAL smallFish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, Dave.

Statement By A Group Of Iranian Bloggers About The Presidential Elections And The Subsequent Events

Via Jadi– 

1) We, a group of Iranian bloggers, strongly condemn the violent and repressive confrontation of Iranian government against Iranian people’s legitimate and peaceful demonstrations and ask government officials to comply with Article 27 of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Constitution which emphasizes “Public gatherings and marches may be freely held, provided arms are not carried and that they are not detrimental to the fundamental principles of Islam.”

2) We consider the violations in the presidential elections, and their sad consequences a big blow to the democratic principles of the Islamic Republic regime, and observing the mounting evidence of fraud presented by the candidates and others, we believe that election fraud is obvious and we ask for a new election.

3) Actions such as deporting foreign reporters, arresting local journalists, censorship of the news and misrepresenting the facts, cutting off the SMS network and filtering of the internet cannot silence the voices of Iranian people as no darkness and suffocation can go on forever. We invite the Iranian government to honest and friendly interaction with its people and we
hope to witness the narrowing of the huge gap between people and the government.

A part of the large community of Iranian bloggers

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