Friday! Jackson 5- Blame It On The Boogie

2 Responses to “Friday! Jackson 5- Blame It On The Boogie”

  1. Jay Vos Says:

    Oh yeah, I love this YouTube of the song. The news of MJ’s death eclipsed even Farah Fawcett’s (of cancer). Crass comment overheard in a super market checkout (I do not joke): ‘She sure didn’t plan it well. Why didn’t she wait or die before Michael?” Another on Facebook: “does this mean he goes in the cryogenic freezer now? or was that auctioned off? imagine him coming back to life in 30 years….spooky.”
    In any case, it’s been relentless music on commercial radio, which I can hear coming from cars stop lights.

  2. otto Says:

    Good call dude…best MJ song ever

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