False Sense of Security (Force)

Another incident of police criminal assault is caught on camera and the IPCC is caused to become involved…but, are we not now at the point where it is clear the IPCC is more about the appearance of accountability than the actual holding of police criminality to account. It acts as a pressure valve for public dissatisfaction and anger, but is it effectively putting criminals who just happen to have a warrant card into jail? So this case goes to the IPCC and people can rest easier, that is the game, but the reality…Well put it this way police officers killed a man, lied about it and are currently still armed and in the service. The IPCC is a comfortable myth that obscures the increasing authoritarian attitude of entitlement in police forces and the impunity our state security forces operate under. In American security nomenclature protest is not classed a “Low Level Terrorism” and social movements as “terrorist environments” (ht2 BB). This is similar to NETCU’s approach-

The term ‘domestic extremism’ applies to unlawful action that is part of a protest or campaign. It is most often associated with ’single-issue’ protests, such as animal rights, anti-war, anti-globalisation and anti-GM (genetically modified) crops.

The existence of the IPCC is an effective PR rebuttal to claims of an encroaching security apparatus, but the legitimacy of that counter argument rests on the institution being an effective independent investigation unit that gets results and polices the police.

Nick Hardwick, head of the Independent Police Complaints Commission said the severity of the G20 complaints and injuries alleged is greater – although the difference may be accounted for by the presence of “citizen journalists” with mobile phone cameras at the G20 protest. “One of the consequences of this exposure through citizen journalism is that we will all see much more clearly what it is – and sometimes it looks ugly – what we expect the police to do,” he told MPs.

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