Resistor’s Gulag

The Empire (read Dave Dubya list its many elusive qualities) determines life or death, trial or life imprisonment, not just for those in Gitmo, but you’re only a living saintly troop while you obey mechanically. As the Democrats pass war and neoliberal continuity measures, imperialism the only true value.

Courage To Resist:- At Fort Bragg, North Carolina, AWOL soldiers find themselves detained for months under difficult conditions in an extended legal limbo they cannot escape.

Dustin Stevens is one of about 50 soldiers being held at Fort Bragg awaiting likely AWOL and desertion charges that seem like they will never arrive, he says. A former soldier who refused to continue military service seven years ago because he did not want to fight a war, Stevens says that he and his colleagues are being held in legal limbo – a no man’s land of poor living standards and arbitrary punishments – while awaiting charges and possible court-martial.

Stevens has been in a holdover unit for five months without charges, and he says that others have been held for up to a year in conditions he describes as harrowing.

The unit is overcrowded and filthy, he says, with four people to a room. The command verbally abuses the soldiers, with one commanding officer proclaiming, “We should just shoot you all,” according to Stevens. Troops are not receiving the medical and mental health care they need. “People around me are literally going crazy. I hear people threaten suicide on a daily basis,” says Stevens. “They won’t give us leave passes unless it’s a dire emergency, so we’re just sitting here, day by day.”

The command offered the soldiers a free pass if they agreed to deploy to Afghanistan, according to Stevens. About ten people took up the offer, he says. Those who decline must find a way to endure.


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