Iran Media-pendium

Media on the Iranian election-

  • A big factor in the argument about Ahmadinejad’s victory is the Terror Free Tomorrow & the New America Foundation poll which was conducted in May and returned results broadly in agreement with the announced results. This is the polling report PDF and a YouTube interview by Steve Clemons with Terror Free Tomorrow President Kenneth Ballen and New America Foundation/Iran Project Director Flynt Leverett.
  • This is a couple of the poll’s authors in the Washington Post saying the result was in line with what they found.
  • And a summation from Huffington Post.
  • Steve Clemons @ The Washington Note reports ‘a well-connected Iranian who knows many of the power figures in the Tehran political order‘ contacted him and he posts their rather violent musings.
  • Roger Cohen in the NYT who enraged the Israel lobby by reporting from Iran and not finding it a hotbed of evil (then he wrote about Gaza! The Lobby fair wet themselves) writes about Iran’s Day of Anguish.
  • And from last week @ Renewed revolutionary zeal a piece about the political background and the context the election is taking place in.(ht2 Naj & Gene)
  • PeoplesGeography @ Pulse asks are we watching destabilisation operations at work?
  • JadiEveryone is depressed. When leaving house at the morning, I was thinking that I’m going to confront many many Ahmadinejad supporters at the streets but there were none. There were only depressed people who were walking silently to their offices or shops.
  • Naj gets the last word– Beware … this is a  nation of brave hearts … hands off Iran … yo … Netanyahu … yo Dick Cheney … yo Al Quaeda … yo Pan-Arabists … I am talking to you! 
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