Against Guidelines, Police Clearly Using Pain Compliance

This was a Tasering sent to Trent FM in Nottingham

(sorry Daily Mail) According to guidelines from the Association of Chief Police Officers, they must not be used indiscriminately. Guidelines issued to forces state: ‘The use of taser is one of a number of tactical options available to an officer who is faced with violence or the threat of violence.

 ‘Its purpose is to temporarily incapacitate an individual in order to control the threat that they pose.

‘It must not be used to inflict severe pain or suffering in the performance of official duties.’

So either the cops broke the guidelines or this is a big fib they are being taught to use pain compliance or in other words electro-torture to make people do whatever the officer wants them to do. Oh yeah, they punched him a fair bit too.

Taser– This machine creates fascists.

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  1. earwicga Says:

    Nasty. I didn’t know that the police now carried taser guns as routine. I hate to think what happens in cells if this is the way they like to behave in public. Who wants to lay bets that nobody will be sacked for this?

  2. RickB Says:

    Ok, I bet you £10 nobody will be sacked! After all the IPCC are involved now it’s been made public!
    (ie cops will not report colleagues if they are criminals and the IPCC only steps in when the public demand something be done but the IPCC is really just outrage management, not accountability or catching criminals in uniform).

  3. earwicga Says:

    A fool and his money are easily parted! And only two members of the public came over – we all need to get more involved methinks.

  4. earwicga Says:

    Oi, you changed the terms around of my original bet! I’m not accepting that one!

  5. Jay Vos Says:

    “Pain compliance”????? Jeebus!

    We have the same problem in my small Vermont town. The police continue to use tasers here – the police chief is for them 100% and their use has become routine – I suspect that
    they’ve been used far more than people think.

    • RickB Says:

      Yep, what has become clear is what Tasers do is create a whole new criteria of interactions in which police believe they can use force, they are not replacing guns so much as they are weaponising everyday incidents. When they were first introduced the Home Office was very keen on giving out stories of how they saved lives in situations where normally firearms would have been used, but evidently it has taken less than a year for the police to resort to abuse (or pain compliance is routinely used but they deny it officially). I suspect most people do not think neoliberalism leads to authoritarianism as the inequality bites and thus police forces armed with mobile electric torture devices are part of the state’s response.

  6. earwicga Says:

    I posted this on a women’s forum I am on and the women on there mostly all know of cases of police brutality within their circle of friends or neighbours. Cardiff police are apparently really bad too. How long can this go on with impunity?

  7. earwicga Says:

    Just this minute heard a report on R1 about this and quote – “it seems to show a man being tasered and punched in the head” – it exactly shows this!!!

  8. RickB Says:

    Good old Auntie Beeb, forever deferential to state power. Now expect within hours ‘leaks’ of all the dirt the cops can dig up on the gut they attacked.

    Well if they want to share any stories of police abuse, don’t keep it to yourselves, that way it never gets challenged, after all this would not be known about if the video wasn’t there, arrestee’s word against the police? No contest.
    Anyone who has a device (phone most commonly I guess) that can record sound/video, make sure you know how to use it and have memory to spare, could save a life.

  9. celticlion Says:

    As I commented in Torture Cancer I was ‘done over’ by the police. The bail conditions imposed took my job and business off me. When I got to court they wouldn’t let the prosecution evidence be challenged or me to give evidence. Natural as they wouldn’t want to expose what the police really did. With a criminal conviction I could no longer teach, youth community work. Every job I had ever done I could no longer do. So I lost everything. My house, car, in fact my entire life up to that point. Me and the dog were homeless.

    I went labouring on construction sites. Got a cheap Metro. With still being threatened by the police I had to move. So went to Scotland. Of course I wouldn’t pay my fines or court costs. I had everything taken off me so had to make a stand.

    I was stopped last August by the police,warrant for fines. While one talked to me I knew two came behind me. I knew what they were going to do. What could I do defend myself, and get done for assault on police. So I just had to make sure when I hit the pavement it was a soft as possible.

    I ended up in the gutter with my head on the kerb one standing on my head with nearly all his weight, blood running down my face. Another put the cuffs on me.

    They were so tight and they left them on for 2 hours my wrists were lacerated and the tendons in my forearms crushed. This is standard.

    I am 220 6ft of solid muscle. Who by those twists of fate had trained with ex special forces instructors and international kick boxers for 6 months. Had I defended my self the police would never have seen what I did. But the TAZER would have ben out sooner or later. So I took the fall.

    The police charged me with resisting arrest to cover up the injuries. If you think England is bad with the IPCC. Try Scotland. You need 2 witnesses to corroborate a crime. So if you are on your own you cannot even report it for prosecution. Period. The police know this so you just get whacked by 2 or 3 at a time. You have no criminal legal rights. Scottish Law!

    Earwicga. Custody. Try being in a main Scottish police station with a Cheshire/Stoke accent! Remember the same solicitor/police relationships still exist.

    So off I went to Perth prison, covers south of Aberdeen, Dundee down to Fife. Everyone was really nice to me. I had the ‘standard’ injuries. The lads explained to me I was too big to arrest. If the police arrested me and I did kick off they would be at a disadvantage.

    So if you are big they just whack you from behind and take you down. Then cover up the injuries by saying you resisted arrest. It is discrimination. You could call it apart-height.

    It seems a pretty standard MO. Look at mug shots on the news of people taken into custody bruises, cuts above the left eye. When your taken down they kick your right leg out so you collapse on your right side. (Right handed people put at a disadvantage).

    So it’s the left side of your head they stand on. Re the video the bloke looks a bit chunky. Perhaps they used the same technique on him and he decided to defend himself. When you are taking a kicking from the police it does take a great deal of restraint not to defend yourself.

    This is a picture of me taken by my mum 5 hours before the police jumped me. I’d just put all the slabs down on my own. I can’t teach maths and trigonometry etc so just use it to put levels in. 2nd picture

    If I had defended myself I could have picked the 3 police officers up and chucked them over the nearest hedge. But I wouldn’t be writing this as I would be doing 3-5 for assault on police. (as well as getting Tazzed)

    If you are getting a kicking by the police consider not defending yourself. You put one mark on them and your going down for a long time.

    • earwicga Says:

      Definite strategy then!

      • RickB Says:

        “I had the ’standard’ injuries.” that’s very telling CL, reveals a systematic and continuous practice, if the IPCC actually wasn’t just a PR outfit they would check every charge of resisting arrest and assault on a police officer, to put the wind up the culture of thuggery. Nevermind cctv, put cams into all police uniforms and any incident the footage immediately goes to an independent body which supplies all sides in the case and non working cameras becomes a serious disciplinary offence or an on the spot fine, £60 a throw maybe…

        • celticlion Says:

          RickB. Don’t know if you have actually been through it, but the resisting arrest is very important further down the legal process.
          You will get charged with the resisting arrest and with what ever else the police allege you did.
          Now you haven’t actually resisted arrest, this is only to cover the injuries the police gave you. You might not even done the other thing. But you will be told in a plea bargain that the prosecution will drop the resisting arrest charge if you plead guilty to the other charge.
          You will be told you will automatically be found guilty of the resisting arrest if you plead not guilty, as it will be 3 coppers evidence against you and the court will not find against them. You will also be told that if you decide to plead not guilty the prosecution have the option of preferring other charges eg assault on police.
          Are you going to plead guilty to something you haven’t done to get away with £200-£400 of fines.
          Or are you going to plead not guilty and know you will be found guilty of the resisting arrest or assault and be looking at some serious time in the big house.
          Are you going to gamble? The resisting arrest is a vital part of the process to get people to plead guilty to things they may have not done. It reduces court time having trials and things and makes the criminal justice industry more efficient.
          Resisting arrest is the ace the prosecution can always play against your hand. That’s why nothing will be done.

    • celticlion Says:

      Thanks for showing the video. When I wrote the above post I hadn’t watched it.

      Check from 1.40 onwards to the end. The man is pinned down on his right side. Note the copper nearest the camera kneeling on the left side of his head with right knee. I think you can hear the man screaming out in pain. All that weight over a small area is crushing the skull. It is very very frightening. Do you really know how much weight your skull can take before fracturing? Also remember, the other side of his face is being pushed into the hard road surface with the best part of 15 stone on it.

      When the police did this to me I knew I could have taken one of the coppers out with a pushing snapping kick left leg.( Miya Geri Ke Agi keomi) I think in Japanese. This would have given me the momentum even lying in the gutter to have brought an overhead scissor kick (right leg) and taken out the copper standing/kneeling on my head. It would have brought temporary relief from the pain. But where would it have got me.

      I would still have ended up in the custody suite at some point.

      The media are focusing on the Tazer. Look what they are doing to his head.

  10. earwicga Says:

    Interesting reader comment –

    “The policeman shouting at the subject to put his hands out are a smokescreen. The police own guidelines state that the taser incapacitates the suspect so if he doesn’t have muscle control how is he supposed to comply with instructions? The police behave like thugs with impunity.”


  11. earwicga Says:

    I would have thought they know what they are doing – it is fun to tell someone to do something they know s/he can’t do – a little game on a stressful Sunday night out in town.

  12. Jay Vos Says:

    This was posted on the Burlington Free Press on line site today. “Burlington police train with tasers.”

    So I made a post about it on my blog (apologies for the self-promotion), but what’s said by the instructor is very telling.

  13. RickB Says:

    Self promotion very much welcomed with a clip that good, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  14. wyamarus Says:

    Whatever happened to the constables and bobbies being ‘regular’ folks from the local neighborhood? In the US, when the cops were allowed to not live where they were employed, the day-to-day accountability enforced by having to be, and live as a member of the community disappeared. They all became, and started acting like gang members (the police take great pride in their status as the biggest, toughest, most powerful gang; at least in their own minds), and police thuggery went up exponentially.

  15. RickB Says:

    That’s very interesting as during the miner’s strike they specifically bussed in cops from outside of the communities, knowing local cops would have their loyalties torn when orders came to crack heads. I don’t know any rules in the UK about residency, must find out.

    • celticlion Says:

      In the 60’s police officer were not permitted to buy a house. They lived in police houses were they worked. Of course could be also moved anywhere. This was why their wages were below average. No housing costs.

      This changed with rent allowances. Effectively increasing the wage but allowing the officer to buy or chose where they lived.

      This was accompanied by other changes that many old school officers disagreed with. Originally they saw themselves as part of the community protecting the community.

      Then as their money went up you arrive at the miners strike situation. They were nolonger protecting their community. But became an instument of the state. But not just the state, the political ideology of the Government of the state, As many of the old school coppers retired, many unhappy with the force they nolonger recognised. The force change into the situation we see today.

      Not the community. Not the state. But the targets of the force they are part of. Community-state-force is a very simple spectrum of change of responsibilities.

  16. Joe Says:

    I do not want to be a nasty bastard, but how many of you had to deal with yourselves (the public)??? You are so smart and quick to label them “fascists”. I wish there was a chance you put on their uniform and face the crap they have to… Please try to be a bit more objective and observe things for waht they are without your prejudices. Do you know what lead to this situation? Do you know the whole story? Do you know how the electronic control devices (aka Taser) work? You recover immediately after the cycle finishes…

    Next time you are in trouble try not calling the cops – because they are ALL EVIL (so you think) . See how you’ll go…

  17. RickB Says:

    Joe- nasty bastard- FAIL!

  18. earwicga Says:

    “You recover immediately after the cycle finishes… ” Except when you are dead that is, or when you don’t recover immediately after the cycle finishes…

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