Friday! Vic Reeves Big Night Out!


Reeves, you workshy fop!

I think Otto had clip from this a few weeks back, what does the youtube audience make of it I wonder? Although of course this clip does not feature the Man With the Stick, be warned. (I have to say having seen them live and their work over the years Bob Mortimer is the secret comedy genius often overshadowed by Reeves flamboyance).

4 Responses to “Friday! Vic Reeves Big Night Out!”

  1. otto Says:


    tis good

  2. earwicga Says:

    Vic Reeves as a person is really quite vile (as seen in the jungle and not real life so you can take with a pinch of salt) so he is lucky to have linked up with Bob Mortimer.

    • RickB Says:

      I didn’t see him in that (I saw some when John Lydon was on it), I think their fame has not always been good for them and also celebrities really shouldn’t molest wildlife on tv like they do in that show.

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