Flat Tax, The Smackdown

Tory Shadow chancellor George Gideon Oliver Osborne (heir to the Osborne baronetcy of Ballentaylor) is a flat taxer, yet what happens to those nations praised by flat tax messiahs, such as Iceland, Latvia… they crash spectacularly and repeal it. Richard Murphy lays it out. So will this end Tory dreams of flat taxes or just mean we have an easily visualised predicator for the UK after some years of Tory thieving.


2 Responses to “Flat Tax, The Smackdown”

  1. libhomo Says:

    I wonder if the non crazy third parties can work together to actually get a lot of seats in the next parliamentary elections.

    • RickB Says:

      That and Labour waking up to their conservative bodysnatchers (and the lib dems I suppose) would be something to hope and work for. Next parliament might be a bit tough, but there are some encouraging signs of co-operation. Alternatively, could move to Iceland…

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