Torture Cancer- Met Police Waterboarded Suspects

Police brutality and the use of torture is not new, but the Whitehouse’s normalisation and legalisation of torture, Blair then Brown’s supine submission to ‘the special relationship’ and the media’s acquiescence to calling it ‘enhanced/harsh interrogation’ absolutely contribute towards a culture that produces this-

Metropolitan Police officers subjected suspects to waterboarding, according to allegations at the centre of a major anti-corruption inquiry, The Times has learnt.

 The torture claims are part of a wide-ranging investigation which also includes accusations that officers fabricated evidence and stole suspects’ property. It has already led to the abandonment of a drug trial and the suspension of several police officers. However, senior policing officials are most alarmed by the claim that officers in Enfield, North London, used the controversial CIA interrogation technique to simulate drowning. Scotland Yard is appointing a new borough commander in Enfield in a move that is being seen as an attempt by Sir Paul Stephenson, the Met Commissioner, to enforce a regime of “intrusive supervision”.

The waterboarding claims will fuel the debate about police conduct that has raged in the wake of hundreds of public complaints of brutality at the anti-G20 protests in April.The part of the inquiry focusing on alleged police brutality has been taken over by the Independent Police Complaints Commission. It is examining the conduct of six officers connected to drug raids in November in which four men and a woman were arrested at addresses in Enfield and Tottenham. Police said they found a large amount of cannabis and the suspects were charged with importation of a Class C drug. The case was abandoned four months later when the Crown Prosecution Service said it would not have been in the public interest to proceed. It is understood that the trial, by revealing the torture claims, would have compromised the criminal investigation into the six officers.

Gee the IPCC are investigating, we can rest easy then…


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  1. earwicga Says:

    Wow! And they have been caught out doing it! And the paper actually writes ‘torture claims’ instead of interrogation techniques.

  2. harpymarx Says:

    I mean, who will be surprised at this latest scandal. Police have been getting away with murder for years, fabricating evidence, corruption and what would be defined as torture techniques.

    And how far up does this go in the police hierarchy in Enfield, I wonder?

    But to echo Rick’s ‘faith’ in the IPCC (and having been interviewed by them a couple of times now…I don’t hold out much hope… Serious allegations of assault and they are dragging their feet…) I am sceptical of anything of substance will come out of it. I mean, they’ll interview the key cops sometime in the next century while evidence erodes and memories fade… and then they will have to drop the investigation as the cops’ top expensive QC will argue the unfairness of waiting blah blah yada yada…. Hence further premimum whitewash. Wish it wasn’t the case, hope it’s not the case…but somehow…..

    Interesting though regarding the drugs angle…reminds me of Stoke Newington cop shop during the early 1990s.

  3. Jay Vos Says:

    My, oh my, the IPCC is sure busy!

    There’s this…

    “The IPCC launched full and independent investigations into five incidents …” — a quote from an article in yesterday’s Guardian within in a post on Media Lens MB, entitled “News, or recycled propaganda?”

    • harpymarx Says:

      Jay, having been interviewed by the IPCC re one of the cops who has suspended due to an alleged assault…. all I can say I don’t have much confidence in the process… (don’t think they have interviewed the cop as yet!!) And the headline ‘“News, or recycled propaganda?” relating to the ‘five full and independent investigations’ by the IPCC… again, they are just quoting a line…’Full’… well, in their opinion and ‘independent’ well, nobody believes that anymore.

      It’s a farce, beyond satire and parody! Sack the IPCC!!

    • libhomo Says:

      I wonder if this is part of why New Labor went along with the Bush regime’s torture policies.

      • celticlion Says:

        It is important (from experience) to understand how the system works. In England and Wales under PACE, Police and Criminal Evidence Act, you are entitled to s solicitor in a police station.

        The solicitor automatically gets paid, legal aid or whatever, you do not pay. One of the jobs of a solicitor is to ensure everything the police do is legal and confirms to due process.

        If you have never had any dealing with the law before you will not understand what is happening. A solicitor attending a police station can claim for travel, time, admin etc etc. Let us pretend this may be worth £400 a go.

        What type of solicitor do you think the police would prefer to give you. One who represents you, or one who works with them. Remember you will have never met that solicitor or those police before.

        That solicitor will be working with those police on a daily basis. Whose loyalties are with who. So the police torture you, fabricate and forge set of custody records after getting your signature.

        Statistically this gives the police a 100% clear up. Police statistics are based on arrest and charge. Invent both and 100%.

        A solicitor signs the custody record. You don’t see them this is something the police give the solicitor to do. This is between them. That custody record now means they can claim the aforementioned fees and expenses.

        What you don’t realise is that the signature of a solicitor, also implies (on your behalf) that all PACE, civil, legal and human rights conditions have been complied with.

        So when you get out and on the course of justice try and do something about your torture. You will be shown a custody record signed by a solicitor who has never spoken to you.

        “Are you trying to say you were never arrested and you were tortured”.

        “Are you calling all these police officers and your own solicitor who represented you all liars”.

        No one will ever want to go the detail of the hard facts of provable forged custody records and evidence.

        Have you ever heard a solicitor stand up in court and say, my client is entirely innocent. All the evidence and arrest and custody records were forged with the help of another solicitor as part of a massive legal aid fraud as part of a process to fabricate police crime statistics.

        When you are in a police station for the first time. Think really carefully about the type of solicitor the police want to give you and will supply you with.

        How long does it take to sign a forged custody record. 30 seconds? £400, that will do nicely. £400 that would never have existed if the police hadn’t produced the forged documents.

  4. celticlion Says:

    Police torture has been going on for a long while and is more endemic than the public realise.

    I am surprised the IPCC have taken it on. They usually refer it back to Professional Standards of the force concerned. Who really are the PR of the police, who are not going to expose officers in torture.

    Especially in the lucrative business of forging custody records which solicitors working with the police sign. Then get payment for (not seeing) seeing the ‘clients’ the police are torturing.

    • earwicga Says:

      Your experience was truly dreadful Roger! As I have said before on this blog, if the police can get away with murdering a man in a busy underground station then they really can do anything they please.

  5. HarpyMarx Says:

    Celticlion, I remember Nick Hardwick (IPCC) going through the technical procedures of complaints, I thought the IPCC decides initially whether to investigate themselves or pass it back to the cops. Also, that was told to me by one of the IPCC investigators, they decide where it goes. Again, Hardwick said that ‘serious complaints’ including alleged violence gets passed onto them and they decide what is the best course of action…. usually a stitch up.

    And it is appalling what you experienced, but it seems to be routine behaviour as you only have to look at the many appalling deaths in custody that are covered up and not one cop has been discipline or prosecuted. The cops are a law unto themselves!

    Btw: did you contact a lawyer outside the area, someone independent once you moved? Also, re the solicitors in your area, did you contact the Legal Services Commission to ask them to investigate?

  6. celticlion Says:

    Harpy Marx and Earwicga

    I got told that only a few lawyers would be able to handle the case, these in London. None were interested they said it was too far outside London or were too busy. Liberty were worse than useless. There helpline told me UK police don’t torture people because it is against the law and I didn’t understand how the law works as solicitors don’t work for the police. What naivety.

    I couldn’t do anything in Crewe. When the police did it they didn’t know I had been a metallurgist who worked on R&D and quality control systems. They gave a set of forged custody records and evidence to an ‘expert’ in quality control and evidencial systems. That’s what I did ensure QC systems were not breached. Bread and butter.

    I knew how the PNC was being unlawfully accessed to produce false incident reports, custody and arrest records. How evidence was fabricated then backdated. How they used solicitors to assist in the forging of evidence everything. The entire who, when, how. Cheshire police were furious. They gave me a warning from them, the CPS and the solicitor who assisted in the forging. A really serious warning. This was a serious organised crime ring I had exposed.

    I tried and tried, then decided to leave the area for my safety. By this time the expiry date for a complaint against a solicitor had expired so LSC Law Society wouldn’t do anything. Though they told the solicitor. I started getting number withheld telephone threats. But still had family in Crewe.

    Whatever the IPCC say they do, they not do. They kick it straight back to Professional Standards. They decide not to investigate or do a whitewash. Then they threaten you. Just to make sure you really have got the message.

    • earwicga Says:

      Perhaps publicity seems to be the only answer to this? If it were possible to get anything controversial or true published that is.

      • celticlion Says:

        In two sentences you got the full situation and paradox. Publicity would be the answer, in the public interest. But the media don’t want to do controversy. ( I have tried). The police were too slick and practised. They also knew they would get away with it. One of the officers also worked at the training school.

        For more reason than I have put, I have a good suspicion that this is a fairly standard practice, is widespread.

        My ‘Deep Throat’ told me it is called ‘wrap around’. Don’t bother with an internet search, this is under ground stuff. You take an innocent member of the public and wrap around them forged arrest and custody records and every bit of evidence. A totally forged virtual, designer prosecution package.

        In England and Wales they need your signature on a blank form which they later fill in with fictitious details. This is what the torture and psychological disorientation is for.

        It takes around 6-8 police officers and one solicitor all in on the act to accomplish it.

        • earwicga Says:

          I didn’t insult you asking whether you had sought publicity as I just knew you would have tried everything possible. It is totally disgraceful – all for the sake of bloody money and a little bit of extra power. I am sorry it happened to you.

  7. wyamarus Says:

    Waiting to see how long it takes before a case like this gets reported in the US. I already know how the NewsWhores will spin it, as the only reliable coverage of the US and Canadian G20 protests were on the Web. Whatever happened to the Fourth Estate? Sad to say that the only thing learned from Vietnam in the US was the value of a totally co-opted press.

  8. celticlion Says:

    earwicga, no insult taken. One thing I gained was they were too sharp and practiced, too slick, too rehearsed. So it wasn’t paranoid ‘why are they doing this to me’. They were polished, flowing and natural. This is a standard method.

    But I soppose it creates jobs for the courts, the legal profession, probation service, the prisons etc. If there aren’t enough real criminals to support the criminal justice industry, it will help to make some up.

  9. RickB Says:

    celticlion, thanks for adding to this post with your experiences it does demonstrate routine institutional problems as opposed to the PR friendly ‘bad apples’ narrative. You may well have already done this given your exhaustive attempts at redress but have you tried sending a brief dossier to Gareth Peirce’s firm Birnberg Peirce & Partners?

    • harpymarx Says:

      Or Hodge Jones Allen, Christian Khan Solicitors (Louise Christian is one of the lawyers). Even if they can’t help, including Birnberg et al, then they might advise you who can.

  10. Phil Says:

    Well to all you people who once again jumped on the band wagon, yet again another allegation against the police has been proved wrong. The suspect one of several who were dealing drugs only stated in a statement that the officer filled up the sink in the bathroom whilst he was using the toilet. No threats and NO Waterboarding!!! Maybe people should wait for the investigation to finish before making comment. Also stop taking the word of drug dealers and the like as the truth. Well done the media again for blowing it all up, funny I can not find the story now this revelation has come to light????

  11. RickB Says:

    Phil, where are you getting this information from? Cite reputable sources or we must assume this is trolling.

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