Massacre In Bagua

You would have heard more about this but the perpetrator, Alan ‘two breakfasts’ Garcia in Peru is not on the evil pink tide list of Lat Am lefties America and its poodles’ media propagandise against. Instead this racist shit gets to say

“They (Amazon indigenous) are not first class citizens.”

Then act accordingly, snipers, disappearing bodies-

Feliz Calva Guerrero, reporter for Radio Marañón, says he has seen various dead people with bullet wounds and/or savagely beaten (‘massacred’ was the term he used) and that the police were burning the bodies.

 Marijke Deleu, a Belgian volunteer who has been a supporter of the indigenous strike action since last month, has said that she was in the area called ‘El Reposo’ when the police offensive began. She said that they started to bomb the protestors from the air and those surrounding them opened fire with machine guns. She said “there was nowhere to run”. At 5pm she went back to the El Reposo zone where she saw the bodies of five indigenous. All were very young. One had been shot in the mouth. The police were looking in the surrounding hillsides for more bodies. Up to that moment no fiscal had been to the scene. She has heard from other people that the police are taking the bodies to the El Milagro army barracks to burn them.

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