Kapital Kills

Health insurers around the world collectively hold $4.5 billion worth of tobacco industry stock, according to a new study. The Consumerist has great highlights on the story, including this killer quote from the study’s co-author, David Himmelstein, “[It’s] the combined taxidermist and veterinarian approach: either way you get your dog back.” 

Huffington Post Censors Max Blumenthal

Seems polite liberals are happy when Max Blumenthal exposes right wing bigotry but aren’t ready to face Zionist bigotry, thus the exhilarating phenomenon of liberal censorship. His musings on this are very much worth reading @ Mondoweiss where he ably replies to his critics and below is the video too uspetting for the delicate sensibilities of Huffpo-

D Day

Surely the the best way to commemorate D Day would be to hold war crimes trials for all those who perpetrate wars of aggression. Otherwise all the dead are just being disrespected by politicians/defendants having a do.

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John McDonnell Says-

Over recent years people have been alienated by the policies of illegal and immoral wars, privatisation of public services, attacks on civil liberties, unfettered greed in the finance sector and among the political class, and above all else by being lied to and by being ignored by political leaders. A first step to at least restoring some confidence at least to our own members and supporters could be setting in train a recall Labour party conference – one that is properly open to all our members, supporters and progressives – at which we can debate the policies, democratically agree a new way forward and motivate our supporters once again with the high ideals that our party was founded upon. (ht2 HarpyMarx)

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Night & Fog?

Just caught this odd snippet of news-

POLICE swarmed a property in a usually-quiet cul-de-sac last night.

A resident reported seeing eight officers with Taser guns arrive at a property in Bryn Canol, Bedwas, at 7.50pm yesterday, but Gwent Police said none of the officers had been armed.

A spokesman for the force refused to explain the incident to the Echo and said: “It is nothing I’m willing to discuss at this time.”

Now is that ok that the police are refusing to explain their actions and are they saying Tasers do not count as being armed? If it isn’t admitted to does it not happen? Strange.

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