Here Comes The Pain

Citizens’ advice managers in Wales are warning the “true human cost” of the recession has yet to materialise after debt inquiries rose by almost 20%. The charities 32 offices in Wales dealt with 111,339 debt inquiries in the 12 months to April 2009, a rise of 19%. CAB Cymru director Fran Targett said previous recessions showed a lag before the number of debt advice calls peaked. More recent figures suggested a “spike” in problems with mortgages, loans, fuel debt and bailiffs, she said. The service, which operates from 200 locations in Wales, overall inquiries rose by 11% on the previous year to 298,119 in the 12 months to April 2009.

More than thirds of these we related to debt, with benefits and tax credit problems rising 11% to 97,803 and employment-related problems increasing by 17% to 22,262. Problems with mortgage and secured loans increased by 57% as did problems with private bailiffs. Fuel debt problems also increased by 31%. Within the benefits portfolio, problems with Job Seekers Allowance increased by 61%. Within the employment portfolio there was a 124% increase with redundancy-related problems.

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  1. harpymarx Says:

    Repossessions are skyrocketing, unemployment skyrocketing, recession, increased poverty, workfare, benefit sanctions, pay freezes (‘how dare you ask for an increase you’re lucky to have a job’…says average capitalist boss).

    And the private sector is taking over the running of the welfare benefits system. From the crappy New Deal to the Flexible (they are ‘avin’ a larf!) New Deal where the only people who benefit are the private sector who are doing it out of greed and profit.

    I mean while countless people are trying to keep hold on their one home, our some of creative Members of Parliament were screwing state money to pay for their many homes….. Flipping marvellous…

    • RickB Says:

      Luckily we did away with that terribly inefficient ‘society’ thing and now it’s just the self interest of dogs eating dogs, if we are really lucky we could have US style healthcare soon too!

      • earwicga Says:

        We already have to a certain extent. Going into a NHS hospital round here is definitely a gamble as to my life. NHS dentistry, mental health care and elderly care is practically finished. I could go on!!

  2. RickB Says:

    What is this ‘NHS dentistry’ of which you speak? I have heard tales told by elders of such a thing but it seems fantastical and mysterious!

    • earwicga Says:

      Actually I told a little porkie – I have a most fabulous Persian dentist for free – saw her today. Just hope she stays though.

      • earwicga Says:

        It did take a long time though to get on the list and get into the practice.

  3. harpymarx Says:

    Forsooth, tis the work from bigone years where teeth doctors looked after those enamel things (I have seen pictures from olden bks that show those mystical things called ‘gnashers’) in mouths for free.

  4. ralfast Says:

    Oh yeah. I just came back from the dentist and he said “those back teeth have to come off-$400 please!” (that is the plan deductible, btw)

    American dentistry, Cheney’s wet dream, were people got to get deliberately tortured and pay for the privilege.

    • RickB Says:

      Ouch, that’s double pain, also with profit and trwament so linked can you trust they are really thinking about the best clinical criteria…or a new car they fancy.

      Y’know I do expect at some point they will have court cases launched by wingnuts to sue Gitmo inmates for costs of their incarceration.

  5. libhomo Says:

    Vent follows:

    Why is it that an American liberal like myself who by no means is a socialist is to the left of the Labor Party, which I have read for decades is a “socialist” party?

    • RickB Says:

      Well…it began in the 80’s then once Blair became leader it became like any other corporatist party. I think the thing is labels have remained to cover the parties all becoming conservative, thanks to a media that is also conservative, thus they shift the political centre of gravity (Overton windowing) to the right but the language hides it. It is like a bunch of pc’s all running Vista, yes they are slightly different in components but they all run the same OS -corporatism, neoliberalism, Friedmanism, etc- call it what you will. Yes Labour did once run a different OS but certainly not since Blair emerged. It also works to isolate people who remain true on principle, true liberals, socialists etc. the party moves away from you as -in part- they seek the big money to compete for election wins.
      So it is not hard to be to the left of New Labour or the Obama Whitehouse. I mean look at the political compass, not foolproof but a rough guide that does show the elite party leadership are all in the upper right which doesn’t give much democratic choice.

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