Vote Already!

Your vote counts, this European election is under a proportional representation system, low turnout helps the Right and worst of all could mean the fascist BNP have a lifeline of Euro cash through an MEP to further establish their party.

The video features Nick Griffin and a women called Marlene Guest – one of the BNP’s lead candidates for a seat in the European Parliament.  For once the BNP’s leading figures in this election tell us what they really think.

As a European candidate in Yorkshire and Humberside, Guest questions the number of Jews murdered in the Holocaust and claims that the number of victims had been fabricated for “compensation.”

Speaking of the Holocaust, Griffin says, “this nonsense about the gas chambers is exposed as a total lie” and then confirms that he wants every non-white removed from Britain.

BNP leader tells KKK terrorists how his party will lie to get power, then enforce racist crackdown.

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