Sowing Doubt

The 3rd picture in the post Murder, Rape & Pillage, supposedly depicting a woman being sexually abused by coalition forces has an uncertain provenance. The narrative claimed by right wing site WND is that it is from an amateur porn site (however, does that preclude it being abuse and /or abuse by soldiers?). Alex Jones site claims the image aids disinformation that is employed when the government feels pressed on evidence of its war crimes. So you see the main sources of doubt are not wholly solid shall we say.

The Boston Globe took it as real then retracted after WND peddled its narrative. Anyway the source of one picture does not alter the authoritative accounts of rape recounted to reliable reporters such as Sy Hersh, Scott Horton or Larisa Alexandrovna. Quite apart from the pedantic squabbling by the Pentagon over what photos are in the ACLU case, oddly I would not take the Pentagon as a reliable source on evidence of crimes committed by…the Pentagon. It also displays again the crucial issue of protecting a domestic audience from truths that impinge on the heroic troop myth needed for continual maintenance of a warfare state.


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  2. libhomo Says:

    Until the actual photos are released, I am under no obligation to accept the explanation offered by the militant, Christian fundamentalists at WorldNet Daily.

    • RickB Says:

      My suspicion is the Pentagon worked hard to collect all the images from troops passing them about (to limit individual leaks) and has destroyed the worst ones then fights over the rest. The questioned image is just that, there is a potential question mark over the photo, not over the torture regime ordered from the Whitehouse. WND cannot obscure that.

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