Fascism Is For Failures

The BNP are racists & fascists, who revel in violence and eugenics. If you vote for them, so are you. Don’t kid yourself, this isn’t politics, you’re a piece of shit. Clear?

The Guardian… the anti-fascist organisation Searchlight has spent months infiltrating the far right’s network of websites and chatrooms and found that many BNP activists share O’Sullivan’s views.

 They include:

 • Jeffrey Marshall, senior organiser for the BNP’s London European election campaign. Following the death of David Cameron’s disabled son Ivan, Marshall claimed in an internet forum discussion: “We live in a country today which is unhealthily dominated by an excess of sentimentality towards the weak and unproductive. No good will come of it.”

 Later, in response to comments made by others on the site, Marshall is alleged to have written: “There is not a great deal of point in keeping these people alive after all.” He said the comments were private and some had been paraphrased and taken out of context. He admitted making the former comment, but said he could not recall making the latter one in an email to the forum, a copy of which is in the Observer’s possession.

 • Garry Aronsson, Griffin’s running mate for the European parliament in the North West, posts an avatar on his personal web page featuring a Nazi SS death’s head alongside the statement, “Speak English Or Die!” Aronsson proclaims on the site: “Every time you change your way of life to make immigrants more comfortable you betray OUR future!” He lists his hobbies as “devising slow and terrible ways of paying back the Guardian-reading cunts who have betrayed the British people into poverty and slavery. I AM NOT JOKING.”

 • Barry Bennett, MEP candidate for the South West, posted several years ago under a pseudonym in a white supremacist forum the bizarre statement that “David Beckham is not white, he’s a black man.” Bennett, who is half-Jewish according to the BNP’s deputy leader, Simon Darby, continued: “Beckham is an insult to Britishness, and I’m glad he’s not here.” He added: “I know perfectly respectable half-Jews in the BNP… even Hitler had honorary Aryans who were of Jewish descent… so whatever’s good enough for Hitler’s good enough for me. God rest his soul.”

 • Russ Green, MEP candidate for the West Midlands, posted recently on Darby’s web page: “If we allowed Indians, Africans, etc to join [the BNP], we would become the ‘British multi-National party’ … and I really do hope that never happens!” Darby said he echoed Green’s sentiments.

 • Dave Strickson, a BNP organiser who helps run its eastern region European election campaign, carried on his personal “Thurrock Patriots” blog a recent report of the fatal stabbing of a teenager in east London beneath the words “Another teen stabbed in Coon Town”. The site also carried a mock-up racist version of the US dollar entitled “Obama Wog Dollar”. Darby said the BNP did not endorse these comments and described them as “beyond the pale”.

 When confronted in the past about the extreme views of some of its members, the BNP senior hierarchy has often tried to dismiss them as unrepresentative of the party’s core membership. But it appears that they run right to the top of the party.

 Lee Barnes, the BNP’s senior legal officer and one of Griffin’s closest allies, has posted a video on his personal blog of a black suspect being beaten by police officers in the US and describes it as “brilliant”. Barnes adds: “The beating of Rodney King still makes me laugh.”

 Barnes told the Observer his comments were “nothing to do with colour” but were merely a reflection of his belief that the police should have more powers to punish perpetrators of crime by “giving them a good thrashing”.

9 Responses to “Fascism Is For Failures”

  1. harpymarx Says:

    And when fighting fascism and racism, no-platform is utterly important, no free speech as they deny others through violent methods.
    To politically defeat them anti-fascists and anti-racists need to work together collectively and in solidarity.

  2. earwicga Says:

    What the hell is happening in Stoke? –
    “This June it is contesting every UK seat at the European elections and there have been predictions it could win overall control of Stoke City Council.”

  3. RickB Says:

    Ah, now http://averypublicsociologist.blogspot.com/ could answer that much better than me, he is the man on the spot!

  4. earwicga Says:

    Right, it’s because of those bloody asylum seekers again! Similar in Wrexham – they have always had a Polish population, but BNP riding high on the back of our basic media racism.

  5. libhomo Says:

    The extreme way that capitalism is practiced in the UK and US creates a lot of losers. The BNP and GOP take advantage of what the system creates.

  6. RickB Says:

    Yes, that is the poison of fascists, they misdirect the ill feelings of the hard of thinking away from the ruling class (as does much media) towards the least powerful, that’s in part why they are allowed to thrive as an element of divide and rule governance. I think the racism of many institutions is also happy to have them as fringe bully boys and girls, that simultaneously deflect attention from them and maintain pressure of support for the bigotry. *cough* Border Agency…

  7. Sarah Says:

    I think that you will find that Eugenics has everything to do with Labour/Fabians and nothing whatsoever to do with the BNP.
    Checkout the policies against the Australian Abbo’s That was Fabian policies, as is dragging out of the womb six month old babies as sanctioned by Brown!

    Fascism, when a Government gets into bed with Corporations, that should inform your misguided judgement.
    Fabian Fascism is the Fascism you chose to ignore!!

  8. RickB Says:

    Yeah, kind of lose the ability to make a point when you write ‘Australian Abbo’s’.

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