Alien Flower Heralds Summer’s Arrival!

30mayflowerAs Stephen Fry in an early routine said, I stooped to pick a Buttercup (although why buttock’s had been left lying around I don’t know…) and lo! This strange, wind activated, alien flower announced summer. And dig what Evo Morales wrote to the 4th Continental Summit of Indigenous Peoples of the Abya Yala (thanks to translation by Otto @ Inca Kola News)-

“For thousands of years we lived with nature, in constant balance with her and inside her. Today we feel the devastating effects of the neoliberal, transnational capitalist system that is quickly detroying our planet.

“From outside and above, they still try to impose upon us economic policies that attack our rights as people, the rights of other living creatures and the rights of planet earth. They still try to sell us trinkets for gold. They told us there was a discovery when there was in fact an invasion. They told us there was a conquest when there was a genocide. And now they say that they want integration and to include us in the world economy when all they really want is to steal our riches, keep the profits and ignore solidarity.”

I like that “For thousands of years we lived with nature, in constant balance with her and inside her.” and today the weather makes clear we are but one small part of this living entity and we should pause and reflect on how we continue to live here without wrecking it. Can we reorder the seasons, or stop the sun beating down on us? We (men!) are not masters of nature, we are part of it. Indeed we should listen to the feminine, that nature gives life, that women give life, that there are cycles better understood by women than men. That if we are to survive we need to stop trying to dominate, we need to share, use our intelligence not our greed, realise that competition has a place but co-operation and nurturing is how life is made good and most importantly, the future has to be equality for all of us. At the moment the system the rich and powerful are inflicting will not lead to that, it has been around for long enough to amply demonstrate it leads to a small rich ruling class and varying degrees of terror for the rest of us. And because of how the odds have been rigged by the house, voting is the least way of making change (for now), that also needs to be changed. As if I need to tell anyone in Britain our elected representatives have fallen far short of even a basic moral standard, pity the outrage is over money though, not the murder of Iraqis and Afghans, not the torture, not the imprisonment of migrants. Anyways, change, what did that remind me of-

‘On [the robot’s] world, the people are people. The leaders are lizards. The people hate the lizards and the lizards rule the people.’

 ‘Odd,’ said Arthur, ‘I thought you said it was a democracy?’

 ‘I did,’ said Ford, ‘It is.’

 ‘So,’ said Arthur, hoping he wasn’t sounding ridiculously obtuse, ‘why don’t the people get rid of the lizards?’

 ‘It honestly doesn’t occur to them,’ said Ford. ‘They’ve all got the vote, so they all pretty much assume that the government they’ve voted in more or less approximates to the government they want.’

 ‘You mean they actually vote for the lizards?’

 ‘Oh yes,’ said Ford with a shrug, ‘of course.’

 ‘But,’ said Arthur, going for the big one again, ‘why?’

 ‘Because if they didn’t vote for a lizard,’ said Ford, ‘the wrong lizard might get in.’

51 Responses to “Alien Flower Heralds Summer’s Arrival!”

  1. harpymarx Says:

    “Indeed we should listen to the feminine, that nature gives life, that women give life, that there are cycles better understood by women than men.”

    I have a problem with that statement, are you arguing that women are naturally nurturing? And not sure what you mean about ‘cycles better understood by women than men. This to me sounds like psychic essentialism. I think in order to understand the social forces that shape humanity’s interaction with the natural world you should analyse using a materialist method.

    • RickB Says:

      No, that they are relatively more nurturing than men, cultures may exaggerate that and define roles, patriarchy is a nasty brutish thing. ‘psychic essentialism’ only to the extent that experiencing physical cycles would make you more empathetic to the cycles of natural processes, rather than approach stuff in a linear or zero sum way. I think dialectal materialism is excellent for analysing human history but I think environmental interaction also includes processes we are only now understanding. Capital’s reaction so far has been predictable and limited by lack of awareness (or wish to be aware!) materialism predicts we will wreck it, I think green socialism is only just getting going, now we understand more it is apparent we have do what’s fair for us and the planet we need to survive on. The pyramid scam of acquisition is a suicide note.

  2. earwicga Says:

    Because we menstruate in cycles then we (the group) re more likely to understand in the same way. Crap!
    Ooh look, more money/materialism/etc. etc. is crap – what a surprise!! How about we all live in caves again and spend our days hunting & gathering?

  3. harpymarx Says:

    But that is precisely the point, masculinity/femininity are social constructs, women are conditioned to be more nurturing and yes, that is an aspect of patriarchal capitalism as the two feed off each other.

    Why would it make you more empathetic to the cycles of natural processes? Do women have some mystical powers re these processes than men? Just when you use a ‘psychic essentialist’ method you create set roles based on a biological understanding.

    I agree you need a red/green movement but that is based on a materialist analysis. And that does include dialectal materialism.
    And sometimes, I know from my own Left background, it can seem all intellectualism and no understanding or compassion and that’s why I believe the Left does need to construct a more human way of understanding oppression but that it still takes a materialist approach.

  4. earwicga Says:

    Harpy – what you doing at the keyboard – you should be preparing to dance round the garden naked chanting in rhythm with the natural cycles of life, as obviously I and every other woman is about to do!

    • harpymarx Says:

      Indeed I possibly should be, though my hayfever is playing up…(remedy from the sisterhood would help). Not sure what the neighbours would think dancing around all a naked like around the Maypole, call me Gaia…

      Btw: Rick I really recommend reading Lynne Segal’s Is the Future Female and there’s an excellent chapter on refuting psychic essentialism.

      • earwicga Says:

        Nettles and vodka. Obviously you have to sing mystical songs as you stew the nettles them into a tea, or they won’t work. The vodka is just for helping you sing 🙂

        • earwicga Says:

          Here you go: I suppose nakedness and dancing is optional. Have fun, lolololol!!!

          Btw – have you tried Grazax – just found an article about it and wondered about it’s effectiveness.

        • harpymarx Says:

          Do I drink it or rub in? Seriously basic medication is losing the battle for me, I will try anything.

          Vodka is a very good anaesthetic, maybe I should rub that in too…

          Singing…’Show me the way to the next whisky bar, no don’t why, no don’t ask why’… My singing will get me an ASBO from the neighbours.

  5. otto Says:

    You nailed the Hitchhiker’s quote, rick

  6. harpymarx Says:

    earwicga: I am taking Clarityn, take ages though.

  7. earwicga Says:

    If you can get a good nettle tea it should help you – it doesn’t taste that bad. Also being in a generally nettly place is good – my garden is really nettly for just that purpose (ha ha!). Vitamin C is also good. Plus you should move out of London as hay fever was the worst ever when I lived there. I love The Doors- good choice 🙂

  8. earwicga Says:

    I’ve tried most of them and find Fexofenadine (Telfast) is the most effective for me, along with beconase spray and opticrom eye drops. Acravistine tablets (sp?) were the best but it was taken off the prescription list – it is available to buy though!

  9. RickB Says:

    What the? I go out for a bit and this becomes a hayfever thread!

    Thanks Harpy I will check out Segal’s book.

    • harpymarx Says:

      Well, Rick, you did kinda start it with this women cycles malarky (menstrual, bicycling, tricycling, monocycling…). Do check out Segal’s bk along with ‘Slow Motion: Changing Men, Changing Masculinities’..

      earwicga: Beconase is sehr gut! But I miss Triludan ..alas they banned it as if you drank grapefruit juice with it it could be fatal. Don’t drink grapefruit juice with it then…Worked for the rest of us with water!!

      • earwicga Says:

        Triludan didn’t even work for me! I am on the blackcurrant vodka at the mo and that is working well!
        Off to do spells now to change people’s heads into frog heads – “Higady, pigady, pong! I give you a mind of a frog”

        • harpymarx Says:

          Triludan didn’t work for you… ‘mazed it worked for me actually.
          Blackcurrant vodka, sounds good. I kinda like super strength Russian vodka that kinda blows your head off (not literally or that would be really gross..)

  10. otto Says:

    i’ve often wondered why hay fever basically doesn’t exist in South America

  11. harpymarx Says:

    Otto: It should be re-named pollution fever as I have never ever suffered hayfever until I lived in bloody London. I have lived in cities before but didn’t once have hayfever!

    London makes you sick….

    • earwicga Says:

      But it is a wonderful place to live!

      • harpymarx Says:

        Indeed it is a wonderful place to live with so much happening. I’d miss it if I left as I am city person.

        Btw: if you are still doing the spells, can you cast one for me and turn my mind into a cat…? They just seem so relaxed, calmed and that nowt bothers them, just prowling, eating, sleeping, attacking small animals, snarling at dogs, eating, sleeping, cleaning their paws, eating, sleeping…

        Though I can do the eating, and sleeping…attacking small animals is a problem as vegetarian… Oh well…

        • earwicga Says:

          You might be scared of birds though. I was watching my cat being terrorised by swallows swooping the other day – he had to come in the house out of the sun it was that bad!

  12. otto Says:

    Mexico City 25m
    Sao Paolo 18m
    Buenos Aires 14m
    Rio de Janeiro 12m
    Lima 9m

    Caracas, Bogotá, Recife, Santiago, Montevideo, Asuncion, Quito, Guayaquil, Medellin, Toluca, Rosario (i could continue)

    Again i wonder why hay fever basically doens’t exist over this way. I’ve heard various attempts at an answer, even from doctors with studies and stuff. Never convinces.

  13. earwicga Says:

    Polish cherry vodka – the next day it makes you feel like your head has actually been blown off and pieced back together wrong by a drunken idiot.

    • harpymarx Says:

      Ah, the memories of cherry Brandy… me and my older sister used to sneak into this cabinet where my mum would stick it for guests (!!) and guzzle it with limeaid pop …worked a treat… and my first experiences of drunkness… Mother wasn’t best pleased, my sister hid it better.

      • earwicga Says:

        My mum ended up sleeping in the bath last time we had cherry vodka – such a reprobate in her old age!!

  14. harpymarx Says:

    I’ll take that chance earwicga….
    Though it would be good to be known as the pigeon stalking moggie (like the cat I had as a kid)

  15. RickB Says:

    I shall never wax lyrical about Mother Nature again! (until the next time)
    Nothing seems to really eliminate my hay fever, pills sort of help a bit… I suppose. Definitely city centres make it worse.

    If Lat Am could cure us as well as inspire new left green movements it would be good, I know asking a lot, as usual the north/west looking to extract value from the continent!

    My cat just spent the afternoon lazing alternately in sun then shade then stalked, killed and ate a baby bunny rabbit. As a vegetarian I am not sure whether I should respect her rights or just be annoyed at having to shovel up the left overs off the carpet.

    • earwicga Says:

      Well, I suppose where she is in her cycle must have a bearing on the decision.

    • harpymarx Says:

      Nah, Gaia Mother Earth Goddess to be precise….

      Rick, comrade, read some Lynne Segal, good solid socialist materialist feminist before you indulge in the old waxing malarky….

      You can never be annoyed with cats.

      • earwicga Says:

        You can when you take in a stray out of the goodness of your heart and he pisses all over your wooden living room floor, all over your mountain of laundry forcing it to be tackled, in the boxes of unwashable expensive children’s costunes, all over everywhere and even waits for you to be half asleep before taking a big shit next to your bed! Luckily I didn’t kill him and he has de-stressed now and is a loverly cat who makes me laugh.

        • harpymarx Says:

          Sounds like he was one stressed cat. I lived with one who used to throw up on my bed. Came home from work and was about to flop on my bed when…… ‘Oh pussy cat… not again…gross and yuck..’

  16. ralfast Says:

    Ah, yes summer! Sweltering heat, 110% humidity, and come August a double dose of spore/Sahara sand induced allergies! At least the girls in bikinis make up for it!


    • earwicga Says:

      What age does a female stop being a girl? I kinda think 18+

      • harpymarx Says:

        Indeed earwicga.

        It is patronising and belittling.

        • ralfast Says:

          Hey! Fine, I like to look at the old ladies shake their booties in tiny bikinis!

          True I prefer women to girls, especially when it comes to maturity. Not everybody matures at the same rate, although it is true (generally) that women mature (mentally) faster than men. Our curse, their boon.

  17. otto Says:

    Note to RickB

    Never try to join in or interrupt this kind of conversation. Just sit back and read. Any word from anyone of the brute side of the species will be slapped down, a no-win situation par excellence.

  18. earwicga Says:

    I’ve been out dancing in the dark on the beach. Are you a cat yet Harpy? Are you a frog now Ralfast? Are you an alien Rick? Otto, have you got hay fever yet?

  19. otto Says:

    ralf: please read note to RickB above. It applies to you, too.
    ear: sniff

  20. earwicga Says:

    All is forgiven – I am now being serenaded (badly) with ukulele and melodica in turn!

    • HarpyMarx Says:

      Serenaded..? Who by…..
      Sounds better than being serenaded by workers digging up the train line behind my flat… Oh the drilling…

      Still not a cat thingy… as yet. Slow reacting spell…obviously..

      • earwicga Says:

        The wankers always leave their trucks on while they go work. Last time I was in Lincoln they did this outside where I was staying and I went out – fell over due to vodka – and stole the van keys. They had to knock on the door and apologise for being wankers to get their keys back 🙂

  21. otto Says:

    as long as it doesn’t turn into a George Formby impersonation.

    “he he he he…turned out nice again”

    • HarpyMarx Says:

      Otto: George Formby… ‘when I’m cleaning windows’…

      There was a shop down the road where I used to work, it was a Ukulele shop…and it was the fave shop… One colleague bought a fetching pink ukulele…and there’s a website that does ukulele versions of Sex Pistols and Clash hits.

      • earwicga Says:

        I suggest CBT Harpy – you are obviously resisting my spell!!! And it is not up to Formby yet or even Julia Nunes 😦

        • earwicga Says:

          Moved onto guitar now – think that may be better. Expecting Layla in just a minute after tuning (dream on Amber!!!)

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