Murder, Rape & Pillage

We know they murdered, we know they pillaged, we know they raped, we know they took pictures. We know the Whitehouse under any administration protects the criminals, not least because they ordered it. Does Obama look so noble when he is covering this up. They have studiously avoided the pictures of the women who were raped, much harder to maintain the heroic troop myth necessary for continual imperial aggression when they are women battering rapists.

[Warning pictures show rape/forced sexual acts, I have put them as links so readers have a choice and are not confronted with them without warning, some survivors of abuse may not want to view them. One or two I think have already been out there via the Australian documentary, one of them is definitely new]



Update: Note the provenance of the 3rd picture is unclear, see this post for details.

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  1. earwicga Says:

    Thank you for the choice. Unfortunately the photos aren’t shocking. This is what men do, because they can. Perhaps the videos are released they will actually shock people, but only for five minutes then it will be everything as usual.

    • RickB Says:

      Thanks, I though it was important, I find the last one very horrible. Sadly it has to be said there is truth in what you say, and about the reaction, a human rights journalist & activist involved in documentaries said a similar thing, unless the footage is but one part of a campaign to end abuse of all human rights they are a sensation which fades and things revert to business as usual.

    • Sinistrari Says:

      Not all men do or approve of this means of “fighting” a war. Those of us who do not are quickly hidden from the world through various tactics to make our voices unheard, amid the denials that such acts are done. Mostly, it is “insanity” that is used to shut up the victims and observers.

      Sadly, most offenders would never think of doing this to their own sisters or family, but can justify it in the name of religion, racial purity, or just plain old greed. It seems like the worse the act that was done, the higher the reward that comes from it, so long as someone else takes the fall. Even worse, most of these attackers claim to be christians and love their neighbors. I think they have love confused with sexual perversion.

  2. Sowing Doubt « Ten Percent Says:

    […] 2 June, 2009 — RickB The 3rd picture in the post Murder, Rape & Pillage, supposedly depicting a woman being sexually abused by coalition forces has an […]

  3. frankie smales Says:

    rape and pillage pre’dates back centuries ago where
    ruthless mercinaries used to storm an entire village
    by another form of mass assassination of everyone
    in the village the mercinaries was sent by a ruthless
    and vile kings in order to cleanse villages of anything
    from christian celebrations of god and to get a confession out of people to spring any heretics that appose the kings rulings and methods by punishable of death by hanging
    and ruthless mercinaries was allso thieves thoes many centuries ago.

    frankie smales

    (historical advisor)

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