Missing The Point of Blogging

Either through stupidity or an attempt to maintain the 3 party neoliberal hegemony this PR as news report says-

Conservative blogs have established a clear lead over their left-wing rivals, according to a new report published today. The study, carried out by Social Media Affairs, found that 19 per cent of bloggers identified as Conservative Party supporters compared to 16 per cent each for Labour and the Liberal Democrats.The report Politics Online 2009 coincides with the launch of Social Media Affairs, the UK’s first major directory of political blogs.

So that’s 49% of blogs outside of the 3 party bullshit, that’s your headline mofos. And oh look, we all wear suits apparently. The Obama campaign’s use of the net has alerted shills everywhere to the importance of co-opting the web to give the same old shit legitimacy. The one thing the blogosphere should never be is business as usual.

2 Responses to “Missing The Point of Blogging”

  1. libhomo Says:

    I bet most of the Conservative Party bloggers are party employees and PR people for corporate interests.

    • RickB Says:

      Some are (as are some New Labour types), the party ones are noticeable as it’s rather careerist (and the tories are very commercially minded) and the established media seems intent on keeping the 3 party pantomime going by ignoring the real breadth of blogtopia. Seemingly some party loyal blogs impose their own whip of loyalty (perhaps subconsciously) which is as unappetising as the parliamentary whip when it comes to independence and integrity. Or at base, it’s tribalism and big tribes favour power over principle any day of the week. It’s inevitable blogs are used to maintain hegemony, the prevalence of party hacks this report looks to cement demonstrates the conservatism that underlies our current party system. New things should be rebellious, not infiltrated by the equivalent of an embarrassing elderly relative doing a rap at a wedding karaoke disco.

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