Tory Tax Report

Richard Murphy @ (the splendid) Tax Research Blog summarises-

I have read some of the Arculus Report issued by the Tories, particularly with regard to tax.

It is a repeat of their oft repeated mantra: don;t tax mobile capital or it will go away. Let’s re-write that another way: don’t tax the investment income of the rich, put all tax burdens on working people. Much of it comes straight out of the flat-taxers manual.

Try not to be too shocked. (Link to appaling Tory website to se their launch of this wankfest. Ps. Guess who ‘Sir ‘David Arculus used to advise? Tony Blair, consensus democracy is great ain’t it?)


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  1. HarpyMarx Says:

    One of the most senior advisers to Thatcher on privatisation became Blair’s senior adviser…. And one of his ‘bright ideas’ was pushing for the introduction of Lean production into the public sector. Essentially, LEAN reduces work into basic components, similar to car production, they are replicating that. It originated from Toyota and pretty much an offshoot of Fordism. It is an excuse for out sourcing and further privatisation. This ‘new’ management technique causes misery, demoralisation and deskilling in the workforce. The unions, rightly, are fighting its introduction and in some sectors have been successful. And I am sure the Tories will still push for this to be implemented across the public sector.

    • RickB Says:

      Thanks for the lowdown on LEAN, more of the lonely selfish robot culture that so values human beings! I am sure the public sector will continue to be attacked under tories, it’s just two differing tribes of neoliberal suits.

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