Friday! Peter Serafinowicz Show- Kitchen Gun

Oops, the first choice Let’s Have An Orgy was embed disabled, so instead enjoy Kitchen Gun!

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Tell Clear Channel Not To Profit Off Racism

I just sent my email to Clear Channel Sales Dept. now add yours Click Here

The BNP’s message of hate is being spread across the country by a small but dedicated band of racist activists.

But now, a commercial media organisation is seeking to financially profit from the BNP’s vicious campaign. Clear Channel – one of the UK’s largest poster and billboard companies – have sold the BNP adverts across the country.

They have provided the BNP with high profile sites – putting the BNP’s racist message on a pedestal and giving them the oxygen of publicity. In a matter of days these billboards and posters will be spreading across the country. But we can stop them if enough of us complain to Clear Channel and we get them to cancel their contract.

We have set an easy-to-use page so you can send a letter of complaint – will you send them a message of complaint?

Click Here

Tory Tax Report

Richard Murphy @ (the splendid) Tax Research Blog summarises-

I have read some of the Arculus Report issued by the Tories, particularly with regard to tax.

It is a repeat of their oft repeated mantra: don;t tax mobile capital or it will go away. Let’s re-write that another way: don’t tax the investment income of the rich, put all tax burdens on working people. Much of it comes straight out of the flat-taxers manual.

Try not to be too shocked. (Link to appaling Tory website to se their launch of this wankfest. Ps. Guess who ‘Sir ‘David Arculus used to advise? Tony Blair, consensus democracy is great ain’t it?)


Only in Burma could someone be tried because someone broke into their property, and refused to leave. 

Burma Campaign


“Daw Aung San Suu Kyi said: ‘I have no guilt as I didn’t commit any crime,'” he said. The lawyer said the trial, which is being held behind closed doors at Rangoon’s Insein jail, will resume on Monday with her legal defence.